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highandfragile brings shoegaze to Rickshaw Stop (3/8)

In her own words, Oakland shoegaze solo act highandfragile is “a project founded out of desperation for emotional relief by Breannyn DeLongis.” A refreshing departure from the conventions of the genre (typically dominated by men), highandfragile’s debut EP i was not well operates within the space where angst and actualization coalesce, exploring the modern pitfalls of being a young adult—it’s angry, artful, and honest all at once. The chorus of opening track “happy birthday” (streaming below) is almost anthemic (as much as is possible for shoegaze.) In this project, DeLongis has established herself as an artist and is definitely one to watch in the future. She will be joining There’s Talk at their record release show at Rickshaw Stop on March 8th. - Lilly Milman


There's Talk returns with new EP 'bathed water moon' and live show at Rickshaw Stop (3/8)

When the San Francisco-based indie electronic trio There’s Talk first caught the attention of the Bay Area music scene in 2013, their EP Tiny Strands was lauded for its lyrical and melodic complexity. Now, five years later, the group has returned on the EP bathed water moon with the same perchance for intricacy, except with a heavier focus on the dreamy electronic sound that set them apart in the first place. The opening track “Give it Up” (streaming below) is an ode to dreamgaze, drenched in mesmerizing synths and suspenseful builds that leave the listener wanting more—a promise that the rest of the EP expertly delivers on. Despite a recording hiatus, this EP has proven that There's Talk belongs on the forefront of the DIY electronic scene. Make sure to drop by their next live show at the Rickshaw Stop on March 8th. - Lilly Milman 

Club Night play hometown show at The Hole 03.09

Most recently, the Oakland-based group Club Night was early evening support at the famed Great American Music Hall in San Francisco as a part of the 26th Annual Noise Pop Music Festival. Consisting of vocalist Josh Bertram, Rebecca Lukens, Ian Tatum, Josiah Majetich and Devin Trainer, this five piece experiment is the logical conclusion of the Oakland DIY scene to which its members belong. Their latest release, Hell Ya, Club Night balances frenetic riffs and soaring musical moments between abstract punches of rhythm, pop-oriented synths, and guitars. The resulting backdrop is a collaboration that teeters between technical and noisy against which Bertram conjures up an emotive and dynamic vocal performance. Catch them next Friday, March 9 at The Hole, a performing and visual arts gallery/venue combo in Oakland before they hit the road to Austin, TX for SXSW. - Joshua Huver


Santa Cruz's Marty O'Reilly releases folksy 'Stereoscope' LP

In Santa Cruz-based Marty O’Reilly’s most recent LP Stereoscope, he takes Americana to another level, blending delicate violin arrangements with bluesy vocals and soulful harmonies to create something startlingly beautiful. The dynamic songwriting of O’Reilly—who is always joined by bandmates Chris Lynch, Ben Berry, and Matt Goff—takes the listener by surprise, as he breaks out of the tropes of his genre that would otherwise restrict such progression. The opening track “Firmament” (streaming below) offers a glimpse into the rest of the album, which is a complicated and well-crafted addition to a genre whose fans constantly think they have finally ‘seen it all.’ Marty O’Reilly and his band are currently on a cross-country tour and will be heading down to SXSW this year. - Lilly Milman

Oakland dreamraver PASTEL GHOST heads to SXSW

Oakland-based artist PASTEL GHOST is a synth-pop artist with a shoegazer's agenda—a combination not often found in the electronica scene. Operating under a genre that she calls “dreamrave,” her music is ethereal and elusive. Her single “POSSESSION” (streaming below) is just one example of how she layers her slippery vocals over driving synth beats to create a seductive and mysterious sound unlike any other. Effortlessly cool and complex, PASTEL GHOST is definitely one to keep an eye on as she works on recording and releasing a follow-up LP to her debut project, ABYSS. She will be making her way down to SXSW this year, with a showcase on March 15th. - Lilly Milman


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