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Beliefs @ Johnny Jackson

Beliefs puts us under a spell with shoegaze and dream- pop sounds. Their songs are riddled with a hazy fuzz and haunting vocal performances. If you like an undertone of distortion throughout your music and have a love for the unexpected, these guys are for you! Off their latest EP “Catch My Breath” is one of our favourites. It’s a magnificent blend of heavy guitars, heartbeat drumming that whispers over vapor like vocals, keeping you entranced in a dream-like state. Stay in the haze with Beliefs Feb 28 @ Johnny Jackson. - Courtney Chalapenko



THE EFFENS are hypnotizing with driving bass lines, brilliantly placed FX guitar riffs and a ruff & vibrate vocal.  A interesting style of psychedelic, post-grunge, glam-pop they prove themselves to be bizarrely unique and fabulous. “Phantom” the title track off Phantom EP, opens up with heavily distorted bass and guitars, then pairs up with the precision of the drums; the bass guitar line brings in an almost “siren wailing" on the chorus, while maintaining a dreamily smooth vocal throughout. Don't miss THE EFFENS riveting charm. It's gonna be a hot night out, incredible lineup Sat Feb 28 @ the Horseshoe! -Courtney Chalapenko


Mad Ones @ The Horseshoe Taven

I sat down and exhaled... on with the headphones ….now let’s hear some Mad Ones. I cranked up their latest single “Walking on the Ceiling” which was released last October. The rumbling drums of Phil Wilson keeps the song rolling; It has a bit of a softer beginning and by the end its full on pandemonium (one of the best words). Next up was their previous single “Leather Rug”. This was more of straight up headbanger that gives their band name new meaning. See this grunge-punk, two-piece live this Saturday, February 28, at the Horseshoe Tavern. Also on the bill are our friends the Effens, Brews Willis and The OBGM’s!!-Kris “Big City” Gies


Goodbye Honolulu @ The Opera House

Goodbye Honolulu just makes you feel good! Close your eyes and go for it! "Mother To A Brother” grabs you by the hips and gets your tambourines shakin'! They are a wave of garage pop melodies with a heavy bounce in its step. Killer no-frills vocal that has bold moves and brotherly harmonies that leave a lasting impression. See them with Zeus Friday February 27 @ The Opera House hosted by Jonnyland.


Run Coyote @ the Cavern

Run Coyote, runs through us with a bite. A savvy combination of swinging 50’s beats, country twang and hometown rock n’ roll, Run Coyote sets an eclectic alt- folk-blues mood with their latest album, Youth Haunts. The entire album is diverse and colorful. “Only Human” is a dynamic spaghetti western, “Love like a River” beats to your heart with smooth rhythm, and “Neighbors” circles chanting melodies and spooky harmonies. Kicking off their Winter 2015 tour from Kitchener to Windsor, get to see them tonight @ the Cavern!


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