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Lido Pimienta @ the Smiling Buddha

Lido Pimienta is known as “Colombian Darling”, she delivers an exotic, collaborative interpretation of music communicating with versatility through, her latest album Color LP. On top of the “pop satanico” genre she experiments her romantic voice on top of electro-beats, analog-synths, Afro- Colombian rhythms and innovative chants. Mueve, gets you moving! Heavy beaten brass, bouncing bass and hip shaking drum beats with pretty pop vocals, the entire track is bumpin! The album is diverse and sways hot and cold, white and black, sharp and fluffy revealing a range of exceptional style. See Lido Pimienta Jan 23th @ Smiling Buddha, an electric time not to be missed!

January 2015
"What the French Call "Les Incompétents"

Raw & rapid, Waterbodies rip right through us in 2015. They’re a creative arsenal of noise with a tentative roar! Mike, Roxy and Shane wow us with their exploratory loud sounds using a combination of punk-rock dance rhythms, disco beats, funky grooves and metal tones. All joined together by explosive homestead vocals making every second sweaty, dirty and furious! What the French Call "Les Incompétents" saws, awws and scratches to a solid rhythm with a rampant hook and winsome lyrical confidence that rages to the end. Beater, is a sharp pulse rock anthem that swipes up and down with scruff base, heavy guitars and enigmatic spanking drums. Both tracks are high energy and high volume that pushes their listeners to a new comfort zone . Don’t miss them Jan 16 @ This Ain’t Hollywood, we’ll be there getting our dose of Waterbodies.


No left overs here! Get your New Fries on New Year's Eve @ Tranzac. We can’t get enough from this “freak trio”! They consume you with extreme bebop beat vocals in peaks and bounds that twist, crack and pop...creating a ‘one of a kind’ experience. “Uncle Carmin Cruise Ship Cuba” off their latest EP Fresh Face Forward, has our ears... a bulldozer of sound! It hits you hard with fun-pop, avant-garde vocals perfectly arranged with funky bass lines, tubular bells, scat-sci guitars and drums that can talk. Listen below. Don't miss these guys in action New Year's Eve, it's gonna be one wild time!



Toronto band on the rise: WEAVES

Weaves are some funky yummy alphabet soup! An original blend of weird lo-fi hip-pop grunge, a taste we just love! Check out their recipe for “Buttercup” off their latest EP, it’s fantastic! The track lures you in with badass lo-fi vocals, creating an amazing sound that jabbers back and forth to the guitar, drums and bass.  From the first taste of Buttercup I was hooked, so I ate the whole thing and now I just want seconds. The entire EP is an exotic mixture of spice and sound that you must try! Stay tuned in for upcoming shows in the New Year.


Comet Control @ the Silver Dollar

Comet Control is tantalizing! This starry-eyed post-metal psych-rock band sends us soaring through the air with their latest single "Blast Magic". The track starts off with growls of chorused guitars that rumble under pretty vocals and blend into sharp, delayed ambient keys that dive into dynamic rhythms of the bass & drums. Let Comet Control take you places! See them Dec 19th @ the Silver Dollar with Wrong Hole, before they take off on their European tour.


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