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Bad Channels @ the Smiling Buddha

Bad Channels takes me on a ride through their latest EP Death Toll. Describing themselves as a 2 piece wasteland band, the EP is a diverse collection of cultures colliding with pop sounds from bubblegum to digital dance beats, snappy fingers and hypnotic looping melodies. Their single Death Toll reminds me of a modern 8O’s beach pop track with power pop bubblegum drum beats and enchanting vocals that echo with an anthem. My favorite track Talk it Out takes a turn with hip-hop swagger and chanting loops that vibrate making you pop a long. See them tonight @ Smiling Buddha. It’s a heavy lineup with the Dirty Frigs, TWIST and Bile Sister.



Enter WHIMM! Re-inventing lo-fi, WHIMM’s listen puts you right in the room! Creative intros followed by taps, slides, pops and echoing vocals creating the ultimate lite wave garage pop rock experience. “Michigan Mustang” their latest single off Wm, comes at you like a rushing train! With a surf-pop guitar riff that starts you off and pans into a clever pop vocal that mirrors brisk fleshy drums. If you around for the holiday’s, see them Dec 28th @ the Smiling Buddha.


The Coyote Kids

The Coyote Kids are an indie rock power-pop band of brothers. They deliver a rhythmically infectious EP “Our Life”. The single “Our Life”  grooves with a smooth pocket, pop vocals and guitars that echo back and forth to each other, creating a memorable narration. The entire EP is wicked! There is something different about a band of brothers, you can hear how tight these guys are, maybe it’s in their DNA! Stay tuned for their upcoming EP “Surf Disco” out this January. Catch them Jan 9th @ the Cavern Bar, can’t wait to hear the new tunes!


Terrorista Purple Tape

Already a collectors item, Terrorista is back with their second release “ROR” Purple Tape in a four cassette single series. This wicked post-post-post punk band rocks us purple with Darren vs Bag and Double Negative. The entire listen is like riding a roller coaster! From the beginning of Darren vs. Bag you are rushed over with the tidal wave of excitement, as if flying down the first drop of a roaring wooden roller coaster, gently coasting into Double Negative, having you screaming the rest of the way. Cant wait for their upcoming release of Blue Tape & Green Tape in the upcoming months.



The Walkervilles @ the Horseshoe

The Walkervilles...GROOVE! They are smooth, sexy and make your body sway with cool upbeat pop rhythm and blues !  Finishing up their cross Canada tour, catch them @ the Horseshoe this Saturday. What an amazing creative collective of fantastic style from bowties to sleek fine videos. After listening to a bunch of tracks  "No California" really stands out, with an alluring vocal and unforgettable chorus as the the bass and drums pop and slide. Listen below to get your groove on!


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