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King Clancy

King Clancy is back! After a five year hiatus King Clancy is back for one badass Halloween party! We've missed you guys! Since 2008 these guys have been making fans happy coast to coast with raw rock n' roll! They like it LOUD! Check out their latest record 'Volcano', the entire album is addictive! Each track has unique powerful vocals, heavy guitars with memorable riffs, swinging-monster drums and bottomless basslines. See them Friday 10/31 @ Porcelain Records Halloween Party with The Vaudevillian and Laura Cole.  Check FB for upcoming shows. It will be a badass time!


October 2014
"Shaking Hands

Shaking Hands is mangy feel-good rockin' roll! It's a wondrous fusion of garage rock & beach/psych pop! A modern day 60's Frankie and Annette beach party. Their self titled EP has a clear and tight direction, with arrangements that are RIGHT-ON! 'Staring At the Sun' is a hip swaying infectious good time! Heavy guitar riffs, killer drum beats and tantalizing vocals put you in a trance as if you were "staring at the sun". 'Sarah' is a unique love song, with voluminous vocals and charming harmonies, that sweep you off your feet! The track creates a delightful mood with a joyous guitar riffs... you find yourself clapping a long too. I cant wait to see more from Shaking Hands! Check their FB & BC pages for upcoming shows and band information. 

The Dinner Belles

The Dinner Belles, The River and the Willow is a homegrown roots delight! The record feels like a warm blanket with good-old country vibes!  ' Same Mistake', is a beautiful ballad with lovely boy-girl harmonies and inviting guitars that will make any couple feel like the only one in the room. 'No Good', makes me tap my foot! It's a folk-rock track with a strong lead vocal, that grabs a hold of you and tells the tale of heart break. Listen to the entire record below. See them play Dec 16th @ the Horseshoe Tavern, it's gonna be a honky-tonk!



Shaking Hands- 10/25 @ Cameron House

Shaking Hands is mangy feel good rockin' roll! They have an eclectic sound! It's a wondrous fusion of garage rock & beach pop, a modern day 1960's Frankie and Annette beach party! Check out 'Sarah' off latest self titled record. The vocal is so unique, its almost like singing down a giant tunnel. The guitars on this track totally got me, the riff is so colorful and joyous, really celebrating a mood. The entire track sounds so BIG, I am so in love! See them Saturday 10/25 @ the Cameron House, be there before 10pm. It's gonna be a killer party!


Rah Rah- 10/23 @ the Horseshoe

Incredibly alluring is Rah Rah! A legion of characters that equally create an eclectic mixture of alternative folk-pop songs. Each track is diverse and reflects Rah Rah's many influences. They have enormous sound! Watch their video for 'Prairie Girl' off their latest record The Poet's Dead. With darling vocals the track sends positive vibes your way! See them with the Paper Lions 10/23 @ the Horseshoe, be there by 9pm! 


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