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Milhouse - Toronto Math Rock Duo!

Ah Milhouse…my favorite Simpsons character. Of course a band named after Milhouse would need to have a slight sense of geekiness to them. So here is Milhouse – a two piece math rock duo from Toronto. Edna Krabapple would be proud. They have an EP available now featuring the tune “Blood & Bathrust.” An instrumental jam with slick guitar licks, wild drum techniques and all the mathy time signatures you could ask for. See it all for yourself live on January 28th at Bovine Sex Club. – Kris Gies


Makk Mikkael - Explore your emotions with this ambient synth pop!

Get lost in this ambient synth pop from brand new artist Makk Mikkael. Very interesting production of this tune “Jungle” will have you mesmerized as her voice grips all of your emotions and rolls them into one. According to Makk the feelings she had while creating this tune “compare to being underwater…so close to the surface to take a breath but not close enough.” Find Makk Michael in the Jungle aka her brand new website! – Kris Gies


The Moody Tulips - "Snarky Baby" EP, Smiling Buddha on 01.27!

Just when you think Toronto can’t produce another stellar garage rock band here come The Moody Tulips. Less psych than a lot of the currently booming garage bands though. The Moody Tulips lean more towards the garage pop end of the spectrum with their catchy melodies and guitar licks. However they still keep the lo-fi dream alive. They released their debut record last month. “Snarky Baby” is a 6 song EP that’ll get you dancing and singing along to their fun jams. They play the Smiling Buddha on January 27th with Weakened Friends, Feels Fine and the Mooks. – Kris Gies


The Mendozaz - Brand New Toronto Punk Rock

The newest addition to Toronto’s punk scene…The Mendozaz bring the heat with 90’s inspired skate punk. Made up of former members of Crush Luther, The Danger Bees, Farewell Cool Reason and Divine Hammer. They released their debut record “Two Days to Retirement” this past November. It is filled with straight up pop punk tunes that could easily be heard while playing Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater for playstation. I hear almost a little bit of Michael Stipe in the vocals. So it’s a must-listen if you ever wondered how Stipe would sound with a 90’s punk band backing him. Johnny, Michael and Matty Mendoza have big plans for 2018 so stay tuned… - Kris Gies


Wine Lips - "Opera Ghost" Music Video

One of my favorite records of 2017 was from Toronto garage trio Wine Lips. The whole album is great front to back with wild guitar and a thumpin rhythm section that’ll keep ya groovin’. They nail the fuzzy garage tones while keepin’ the tunes catchy enough to appeal to more than just fuzzheads. In their video for “Opera Ghost” the band is competing against each other in a hot dog eating contest which looks a good time. Watch out…it gets messy. Celebrate guitarist/vocalist Cam’s birthday at the Bovine Sex Club on January 13th where Wine Lips will be joined by Séance Sisters and Possum. – Kris Gies


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