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Knifey - Full Tilt Pop Punk on new EP

 “Beached” is the new record from Toronto 4 piece power pop band Knifey. They have some well done pop punk that’ll remind you of growing up. You will get sad and pumped at the same time listening to some of these tunes. “Serf” is a very catchy sing-along tune that has some influences from Weezer’s Blue Album. “Tanlines” is right up the Blink 182 alley with a catchy chorus and quick pop guitar licks. Available for download on their bandcamp page. Knifey plays The Great Hall on Saturday (October 21) along with Pkew Pkew Pkew, Sure and Pineapple Girls. – Kris Gies


RoniCea - Debut Single "Bassline"

RoniCea is a Toronto based soul singer who just released her first single “Bassline (ft. YoDaddyDoe)”. This track has major throwback vibes. The spacious beat with the synth/keys over the top hit that 90’s RnB spot so well. You don’t hear many new tunes like this nowadays. This will be cranked with the windows down all over Toronto very soon. This has the vibes of the peak era of RnB. I think they should have extended the outro for longer and really let that beat flow. Still a good tune no doubt. – Kris Gies


Fried Dough - "Fried-Day the 13th" at Smiling Buddha

Here’s something a little different…Fried Dough. Great name for this electronic-psych package. This four piece band blends all their favorite things…animals, music and horses…into a thumpin’ 10 minute epic package known as “French Cinema”. The beginning sounds like it should be the opening credits for an 80’s action movie. You just gotta listen to it and get lost. It’s like if Daft Punk were a jam band. Hearing them live with real instruments would be awesome. Fried Dough play this “Fried-Day” October 13th at the Smiling Buddha. – Kris Gies


The Beach Bats - "Washed Up" EP

Beach/Garage Rockers The Beach Bats have released a new EP “Washed Up”…which I would say does not accurately describe the band since they are rather young now. The EP opens up with “Creature or Die”. Gentle waves crash in on the shore to set the tone then the bass kicks off a tune reminiscent of early 2000’s indie rock but still keeping their surf vibes rollin’. The guitar work from Goth Bikini especially adds excellent surfy tones to the thumpin rhythm section featuring Moon Mutt. It’s fun listening to this band. See them at Doors Pub in Hamilton on October 6th. – Kris Gies

BBQ Pope - New LP on Fried Records!

Here’s some heavy ass garage rock. BBQ Pope bring the heat. Thumpin’ rock n roll that has some Melvins vibes to it. They just released their self titled LP on Fried Records and it rocks. The opening track “Welcome To My Hell” really sets the tone with heavy drums and grungy guitars. You’ll pretty much know if you like it or not right away.  These yutes seem too young to be sad but the next track is titled “Sad and Stoned”…which I’m sure they are the latter. This track leans a bit more towards the pop end of the spectrum. A nice mix-up from the first track and very catchy. Guys will like the opening track and chicks will dig this one. So they may have it all figured out. – Kris Gies


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