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The Crowleys - "LA Sunset" New Single

Space-Pysch rockers The Crowleys have released a brand new single “LA Sunset”. The intro feels like you might be driving into a summer sunset as the jangly reverb guitars float along. They fade away and slowly hammer into a very groovy beat. This must be after the sunset and we’re hitting the streets lookin for a good time. It’s almost mixin’ in some disco which is a wicked combo alongside their usual garage vibes. Very cool tune with some interesting dynamics. The Crowleys just played the Night Owl Festival supporting Shannon & the Clams, next up for them is DIY festival Hollowfest in Lanark from September 29th to October 2nd. – Kris Gies


The Beaches - New Video is "Money"

Named after the area in Toronto in which they grew up, The Beaches are just about ready to explode. These gals know how to rock n' roll. They have just released their first single “Money” from their upcoming album. Rippin' tune with sensible, catchy melodies and a 60’s stoner voice that’s almost in Grace Slick territory. They are getting ready to release their first full length album on October 13th and will be touring North America with Death From Above 1979 for the fall. The final stop on the tour will be right here in Toronto on December 1st at The Phoenix. I dig their style, easily one of the bands you need to know right now. – Kris Gies

Quarter in the Bag - Playin' Friday Night at This Aint Hollywood

This Hamilton trio has had a busy summer playing the Festival of Friends and Dundas Cactus Festival among other various gigs throughout the province. Quarter in the Bag also released their debut self titled EP. They’re a heavy and groovy power trio. The opening track “Underdog” is a rippin’ tune that’ll get your head bangin and mouth hummin’ the riff for days to come. The hectic breakdown will have you flippin’ tables immediately…respectfully of course. You can see Quarter in the Bag live in Hamilton at This Ain’t Hollywood on Friday September 15th along with Flamingo Bay, the Rickaneers and the Beach Bats. – Kris Gies


This fuzz trio out of Toronto has one of the biggest buzzes goin on right now. Hot Lips consists of synth, fuzz bass and drums. The female vocals give it an extra bad ass vibe as it fits in perfectly with the thumping drums and noisy fuzz. “American Hardcore” is their first single and it won’t be long until its included in a thriller or horror movie soundtrack. Very loud with some elements from industrial and electronic music. Their EP release show is Friday September 8th at the Baby G. The Crooked, Rue Bella and Mad Machines playing in support. – Kris Gies



Earlier this year The Rickaneers released their first full length record.  The self titled LP contains 10 tracks, juiced up with some greasy garage vibes. Along with the dirt however they find ways to mix in some 90’s alt rock influences which is very prominent in “Garden of Eden”. Speaking of 90’s, they also have another pop-rocker on this LP called “90’s”. Very groovy. The Rickaneers LP is part dirty, part catchy, fun for the whole family. They will be featured on Y108 in Hamilton on Monday September 11 at 11PM ahead of their show at This Ain’t Hollywood on September 15th along with Flamingo Bay, Quarter in the Bag and The Beach Bats. – Kris Gies


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