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One of the most talked about bands in the booming Toronto garage scene has just released a new EP “Electric Pickle”. Possum really rock that California garage sound so well. Right up the same alley as Ty Segall and Thee Oh See’s. The appropriately named opening track “Party Jam” features a really groovy curveball of a breakdown. They got mindspinning bass lines on repeat while a noisy solo noodles you back into the head-knodding meat of the song. Fire up the EP for a quick of blast of deadly psych/garage tunes. Possum’s EP Release Party is Saturday at the Smiling Buddha with Double Date With Death, Vypers and Deaf. – Kris Gies


Really diggin’ these tunes from Beige. Catchy slacker rock that’ll make you feel like you try too hard at whatever you do. Track names stylized in all lower case letters adds credibility to the slackerness. I don’t think they’re posers. But it’s the “don’t really give a shit attitude” that gives these tunes their charm. Definitely some 90’s rock influences as well from early 90’s grunge to mid 90’s alt rock. I recommend buying Beige’s record from their bandcamp page then go do nothing. Their next show is August 3rd at Monarch Tavern with Ducks Unlimited and Triples. – Kris Gies


Small town loud and heavy Canadiana rock…that’s how they describe it. I don’t know if that sounds familiar but they are Familiars. That’s the name and they make some rock n roll that’s nice n’ dirty. They released a new 7” in March and these songs are available to download on their bandcamp page. The first of which is extra bad ass. “As Our Distance Has Grown Further” rips a heavy ass groove at the perfect pace. I compare it to Gordie Johnson’s Texas side project Grady. The vocals come in very hazy which adds a unique flair mixed with the extreme heaviness. See Familiars LIVE at Bovine Sex Club on Friday July 14 with Cross Dog, Ayahuasca and Olde. – Kris Gies


Good Kid formed in 2013 out of a computer science course at the U of T. They’re a throwback to the indie tunes of the early 00’s. Which scares me that we can say that’s throwback now. Bands like The Strokes, Tokyo Police Club or Hot Hot Heat. Get some summer vibes from their latest track “Witches”. Should be playing beer pong outside with Good Kid on. However these guys are all hardcore video gamers so perhaps just stick with PONG…beer on the side is optional. – Kris Gies



After some re-tooling and a couple member changes The Lad Classic are back with a brand new album “Rectifier”. Produced and engineered by Damon de Szegheo and Oak Recording Studio in Toronto. Their third single is a reflective track titled “Halfway to Memphis”. While still keeping up with the vintage arena rock sound that the Lad Classic do so well, this one has a nice loud/quiet dynamic which gives you something to think about while you rock out. The new album is available for purchase on their website and keep an eye out for their return to Toronto following a summer of touring around Ontario and Quebec. – Kris Gies


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