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Vast Robot Armies

There’s a bit of a mystery surrounding Toronto prog rock band Vast Robot Armies. Are they space-robots? or something? Their latest record “Little Creatures” out early this month is an epic adventure. “Revenge For Nerds” sets the tone with some space-aged guitars that guide you through the intergalactic journey on the Vast Robot Armies spaceship. The vocals remind me a bit of the Meat Puppets with more of a rounded edge. This record will keep your head in the clouds wondering where you’re going to end up next. And that is the question…when will Vast Robot Armies appear for a live show in Toronto? Like their facebook page and download their record and the message will arrive when the planets have aligned. Whoa.-Kris “Big City” Gies


B e a c h C r e e p

There’s probably a couple of times I could have been considered a Beach Creep…but I wasn’t as cool as the band Beach Creep from Toronto. Extraordinary DIY, Beach Creep is indie divine with gentle voices and artistic guitars. They released their latest EP “V” in January of this year. It opens up with trippy intro “Peas and Lentils” then leads into “Sprout”, which has nice vibes, the kind that make you feel like everything is going to be okay. “Old Shoes” caresses delicate vocals over subtle guitars that carry heavy harmonies. Beach season is just around the corner so make sure you do your bicep curls…then buy this EP from Beach Creep’s bandcamp page and relax in the sand. If you missed them @ The Cavern Bar on Friday, stay tuned on bandcamp for more show details. -Kris “Big City” Gies


The Lifts @ The Cameron House

The Lifts are full throttle rock n’ roll fusion. Their music contains elements of progressive rock, metal and blues; a strong combination of muscle, imagination and weight. Their self-titled EP has what it takes, hitting us hard, endowing us with wit and an artistic certainty. Showing off their biceps, you are instantly satisfied. “What’s Her Face” is pure rock n’ roll with an ambitious sound. “The Sky is Peeling” sinks its teeth into you with grunge grit, heavy guitars and a luscious delayed vocal. “Darling” beats a drum with a heavy bellowing bluesy backbone and a vocal that “doesn’t let us down”. The last track on the EP “Mescal Blues” knocks on your heart with an unforgettable melody, as if you have known it forever; pulling its weight of heavy combinations of dark and light sounds. Don’t miss The Lifts this Friday March 20th @ The Cameron House.


Beams @ The Gladstone

Beams, a cohesively mixed, indie folk-rock sextet from Toronto have caught our ear holes, with their song Black Shadow. A brilliantly mournful story sang by the most delightful and complementary mix of singers that I’ve had the pleasure of listening to in a long while. The vocal lends a little bit of an unnerving feeling, which is fitting to the song (and even more-so to the video!). Although, the vocals are quite alluring, credit is due to the accompaniment as the arrangement is just as wonderful, simple drums, banjo and electric guitar keep the song flowing and the soothing vocal harmonies shining, while one of my favourite parts is just the cherry on top - vibraphone! If you get the chance, check out their video for Black Shadow- the story behind the concept makes it all the more interesting. These beauties are playing 03/20 @ The Gladstone let their brilliant harmonies ease you into the weekend.-Courtney Chalapenko


The Red Rails @ Cherry Cola's

The Red Rails from Ottawa are heading to Toronto for the weekend! Listening to their latest record “A Living Fiction”, they play no nonsense rock n’ roll with some nice licks and a touch of 90’s dabbled on top for good luck. Their lead single “On The Line” has some sweet fuzz bass, tight rhythm and fierce vocals. This three piece was busy last year playing all over Ontario and out to the East Coast. Check’ em this weekend as part of the Soundtrack Of The City: Friday March 20 @ Cherry Cola’s and Saturday March 21 at the Bovine Sex Club. -Kris “Big City” Gies


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