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Olivia and the Creepy Crawlies @ The Silver Dollar

Olivia and the Creepy Crawlies is a folk, indie pop band crawling their way out of London, On. Late last week they released their second EP titled Tongue Tied. The EP includes five songs that we couldn’t be happier to hear- after that long winter; these ladies and gents are warming our souls up with this one. Beautifully clear and goosebump-worthy vocal delivery, quirky lyrics and smooth harmonies, make this Ep memorable; never mind the danceable and singable qualities that are sure to make you fall in love with these darlings. Don’t worry...Don’t fret...they’ve started their release tour and are playing @ The Silver Dollar 3/19 as well as @ The Baltimore House 3/20.-Courtney Chalapenko


VOTIIV @ the Smiling Buddha

Just hit the play button! VOTIIV has us hot and sweaty with explosive electro dance beats. VTV-01 is a creative album with avant-garde sounds that spin to lo-fi, pretty, pop vocals. “All to Take” hums and hops with elastic beats and alluring dark sounds that wave over you with deep enchantment. Close your eyes and dance to their entire album! See this electronic duo with Bizzarh @ the Smiling Buddha Friday March 20.


Pins & Needles @ the Great Hall

Pins & Needles is youthful, edgy, rough, yet smooth and soothing – a beautiful collaboration of indie rock and pop. “Overdue” is an exemplary track by these ladies. They brilliantly mix the do-wop style with rock on this one, giving the song a sultry, dreamy and almost nauseatingly pretty tone, yet still giving it a raw roughness with electric guitar, and powerful vocals- what a delicacy! This song could be described as a 50’s doo-wop influenced pop song, with a whole lot of balls! Go listen to their lovely harmonies, and dance along with them March 13 @ The Great Hall.-Courtney Chalapenko


Pet Sun

Pet Sun is a noisy and awesome death garage band from Hamilton. They remind me of the Stooges but heavier. When I hear the Stooges I feel that’s how all bands should sound... and Pet Sun is killin' it. Fresh off a tour down to the States, Pet Sun will be returning to Toronto on April 9th at the Horseshoe Tavern. Expect new music from them soon, but for now let’s listen to the title track from their latest EP “Feel Like I’m Going Away”. -Kris “Big City” Gies


For Esmé “Just Yet”

For Esmé, latest single “Just Yet” is light and fluffy with heavy dynamics. Progressive electro-pop sounds that heartbeat rhythms to a sweet and intriguing vocal; it's smooth- sultry poetry with a deep message. Getting ready to release their second record Sugar this spring; Nathan, Martha and Dave have already given us a glimpse into what's next, and we love it! While keeping their story’s tale, For Esmé stays warm and gorgeous with combinations of synths, fuzz and pulses. See them March 11 @ the Piston and March 17 @ the Lakefield College School.



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