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July 2014
Skull Practitioners
""st1 (tape)"

Where the genre of “psych rock” will usually refer to “psychedelic rock,” Skull Practitioners take it to a level where the meaning “psychosis rock” would be more appropriate, hurling harsh guitar tones and thumping bass haunts, along with an avalanche of drum fills, into a whirlwind of amplified delirium. The NYC trio produces a heavier and more diverse wall of sound than most five-piece bands out there, swelling and punching up and down scales and arpeggios, blasting through fuzz and decay, resulting in a bleakly intense look into a mind lost. With different vocalists featured on various tracks, it might be difficult to discern an established frontman, but does it matter? The sounds coming from Jason Victor and Ken Levine’s amps, back Alex Baker’s drums are the huge focus here. – JP Basileo


genre benders with hope
by: Sam Kogon date:May 16, 2014 - MORE
Shilpa Ray
finding beauty within darkness
by: John McGovern date:April 25, 2014 - MORE
Baby Alpaca
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Erin Barra
blue eyed technocrat
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The 60's
Bob Dylan

Simon and Garfunkel

Velvet Underground
The 70's
Patti Smith
The New York Dolls

The Ramones

The Talking Heads
Richard Hell
The Dead Boys
Lydia Lunch
The Contortions  
The 80's
Sonic Youth
Bad Brains
Beastie Boys
Bruce Springsteen
The Feelies
Laurie Anderson
They Might Be Giants
John Zorn
Arto Lindsay
Sonic Youth
The Fleshtones
The 90's

Jeff Buckley

The Magnetic Fields
Yo La Tengo
Soul Coughing
Cat Power
The 00's
The Strokes
TV on The Radio
Fiery Furnaces
Yeah Yeah Yeahs
The Bravery
Animal Collective
Bright Eyes
Devendra Banhart
Moldy Peaches
Le Tigre
Blonde Redhead
Grizzly Bear

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The Deli's SXSW Issue 2014 is online!

Read it digitally here.

P.S. 10k free copies of this issue hit the street of Austin during SXSW Music week!

Young Summer releases new single "Leave Your Love"

 Finally. We've been waiting a long time for Young Summer to put out another single. After releasing a series of singles, as well as the "Fever Dream" EP Young Summer became a local star, and received tons of attention from national press. "Leave Your Love"  isn't just another great single, however. It's the lead single for Young Summer's debut album Siren, out August 26th. A full album of electronic pop gems? Sign me up!

I wish it would come out earlier 'cause I want to hear it all now (and isn't August, like, "old" Summer?) Thank goodness the season doesn't end until December around here, so I'll have plenty of time to pop Siren into my car stereo and cruise around Virginia with the wind in my hair and the Sun on my face. At least we have this track to keep us going.   --Natan Press


French Admirals release Closer Than Brothers at RnR Hotel, 8/2.

French Admirals formed in 2013 when "Robert France" (aka Rob Kuczynski) and "The Admiral" (Mike Lashinsky) started what they call a "gentleman troubador" guitar and bass acoustic project. After writing some songs and playing some shows, they added a drummer ("The General"), and went electric. The end result is Closer Than Brothers. Recorded by Peter Larkin (who recently recorded DC favorites Wanted Man, Paperhaus, and Pree) at Lighthouse Recording and Persona Non Grata Studios, the album is a solid collection of sounds from late 90's guitar-pop, from college-rock and power-pop to alternative country and folk.

French Admirals are debuting the album this Saturday, August 2nd, at Rock and Roll Hotel. They'll be joined by local acts Exit Vehicles, Kelly Ann Beavers (of Belles and Hunters), and Patrick Frank. Check out the album preview below.


In It Together Fest!

 It's finally here! In It Together Fest starts tomorrow, Thursday 7/31. The first night features some of my favorite bands in the city, all on one mindblowing bill. Acme's indie-psyche funk, Wanted Man's blazing blues-rock, and Paperhaus' oh-so-tight indie-rock join together for a night no one who loves local music should miss at Fort Loko. The show will be opened with a comedy show (cause, in this festival, musicians are in it together with all sorts of other creative people, see?), and Vundabar (from MA) brings some of my hometown (Boston) sound to the District.

After that, it's like 3 more days of crazy. Look at that map! There's shows everywhere. Which ones do you choose? Which ones do I choose?? How many can we pack in to our memory-holes? I'm getting a bit stressed. I'll tell you one thing: I am going to know the bus routes in this city so well by the end of the weekend. At the very least, there'll be a good show near you at some point. Stop by, make a small donation and support local music! --Natan Press


Acme release double video "California Girls/Numbers Game"

Acme has released a follow up to June's fantastic "Girlfriend Tonight," this time a double-single video for "California Girls/Numbers Game." The singles are a culmination of everything Acme has done before. 2013's Synths, Beats & Psychedelia was filled with synth-noise heavy anthems (not to mention the marvelous heartbreak dirge Howl), and channeled indie groups like M83 and TV On The Radio. This year's "Girlfriend Tonight" was a relatively clean, old-school funk jam, where the synths provided a psychedelic flavor instead of being central to the song (those duties went to the rhythm section and guitars), which proved Acme has the chops to do funk the real way: live, without simply relying on loops to provide the groove.

"California Girls" is definitely a funk number for the dance floor, but with thick, juicy synthetic sounds that could give Prince a run for his money. "Numbers Game" is also based around a groove, but this one is less funk, and more atmospheric, the sounds swirling and growing around the rhythm tracks before the vocals drop delicately in the final minute with a simple request, extending the theme in "Girlfriend Tonight." 

Together these two tracks make for Acme's most powerful aesthetic statement yet. They are something else, combining the richest and craziest flavors of the old and the new, mixing sunshine happiness and moonlight hope. --Natan Press


Tonight at Velvet Lounge: Virginia Invades DC! w/ Fall Seattle, Real Clothes, and A MARC Train Home.

Tonight, 7/24, go to Velvet Lounge to see a stellar lineup of bands from Northern Virginia. Fall Seattle from Reston headlines a bill including DC Deli Artist of the Month winner Real Clothes, and A MARC Train Home from Fairfax. Fall Seattle drenches your ears in gorgeous dream-pop: sparkling guitars, and reverbed vocals telling you how much they love you (listen to their new single below). Readers of the Deli will be familiar with Real Clothes' surprising and charming combination of sweet melodic vocals backed by a band drawing from a wide variety of influences, combining rootsy appalachia, electronic bedroom pop, and mathy indie-rock. Opening the night, A MARC Train Home is an exciting indie-rock combo, combining everything good about the 90's, with angular guitars swirling together into crescendos of shoegazy fuzz within dramatic alt-rock songs. Doors at 7:30, $8, 18+.

Martyn's The Air Between Words

Martijn Deijkers who goes by the stage name “Martyn” is no newcomer when it comes to the world of dubstep electronica. This Dutch producer and DJ currently resides right here in Washington D.C. Gracing the capitol with his sixteen plus years of experience, he presents his futuristic sets here, a pioneer who creates beats way ahead of their time. Martyn started his career back in 1996 working as a DJ for Drum and Bass. He spent time there gathering experience and confidence as a DJ and eventually broke into the world of dubstep, techno, and house music. He released his first album Great Lengths in 2009, contributing mostly of well-received experimental dubstep tracks. His second album Ghost People was released in 2011 and was comprised of an even more experimental sound.

Martyn’s sound is something that never stops changing, influenced by the melodic presence of the scenes in Chicago and Detroit, he is a true electronic vagabond. His most recent album The Air Between Words was released this summer and has a more of a deep house sound. This album is well worth a listen, as its hypnotic beats will transport you to a dark dance floor where its tracks will echo in your ears full of ambience. There is no telling where Martyn’s sounds will move to next, but for this moment lets enjoy the unique experience that is The Air Between Words. --Rohan Khanna


Space Is The Place Baltimore Show


Space Is The Place Records, self described as "botique electronic music", is throwing a show at Metro Gallery in Baltimore on Friday, July 18th. "It's going to be my third time playing Baltimore. I'm really excited to do something with my homies from Space Is The Place," says performer Cakes Da Killa. "I started rapping in high school- I started recording music during my sophomore year in college though. I used to make videos of me rapping over instrumentals I found on YouTube as a joke and people seemed to like them. When I got a chance to hit the studio, I took it," he continues. When asked if he faced any challenges as a gay rapper, he replied that "When you're focusing on grinding you don't really have time to get caught up in drama like that. If something comes up, it gets addressed and I move on. That's life." The rapper wanted to tell the world to "drink more water and get a therapist," and that he thanks his mother, all of his mothers, supporters and long island iced teas for supporting his career. 

You can find Cakes Da Killa on Twitter @cakesdakilla, and keep up with all his events on http://mussymayhem.com. Meet him and many other talented performers at the 21+ show tomorrow. Links to the ticketfly and facebook information are right here. 



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