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Skull Practitioners
""st1 (tape)"

Where the genre of “psych rock” will usually refer to “psychedelic rock,” Skull Practitioners take it to a level where the meaning “psychosis rock” would be more appropriate, hurling harsh guitar tones and thumping bass haunts, along with an avalanche of drum fills, into a whirlwind of amplified delirium. The NYC trio produces a heavier and more diverse wall of sound than most five-piece bands out there, swelling and punching up and down scales and arpeggios, blasting through fuzz and decay, resulting in a bleakly intense look into a mind lost. With different vocalists featured on various tracks, it might be difficult to discern an established frontman, but does it matter? The sounds coming from Jason Victor and Ken Levine’s amps, back Alex Baker’s drums are the huge focus here. – JP Basileo


genre benders with hope
by: Sam Kogon date:May 16, 2014 - MORE
Shilpa Ray
finding beauty within darkness
by: John McGovern date:April 25, 2014 - MORE
Baby Alpaca
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Erin Barra
blue eyed technocrat
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scene blog

Noise-rock trio ADVAETA utilizes a static-ridden ambience to create otherworldly sonic soundscapes.  On "Gold Thought Exit" (streaming) we are acquainted with Amanda Salane's voice, a presence as strong as the expansive atmosphere that surrounds them.  Her vocals are in part reminiscent of Andrya Ambro of Talk Normal (a band we featured on the cover of the 22nd issue of The Deli back in 2010); both feature an attitude that seems to add extra layers of meaning to what is happening lyrically or sonically.  The band's energy is remarkably original and daring, and among the wash of reverb and distortion, complexities are revealed through dissonant melodies and creative structures. You can see ADVAETA live tomorrow (07.29) at The Silent Barn. - Jake Saunders

July 28, 2014

Late Cambrian's brand of pop rock certainly doesn't lack effervescence - so much so that we are tempted to call it Champagne Rock. The band, winner of our Best of 2013 Readers Poll for Emerging Artists, has been spending the last few months in the studio working on their sophomore full length, from which they just unveiled the title track 'Golden Time' - streaming below. They also announced a UK, Ireland, Amsterdam & Berlin tour starting Sept 29, opening for Brooklyn Power Pop maters Wheatus.

July 28, 2014

Michaela Anne’s ‘Ease My Mind’ is the sweet, heavy-hearted story of a young country singer recently disillusioned by the trials and tribulations of love, her family, and her city. Michaela croons these disappointments with a sadness readily combatted by grace and power, offering all of the simplicity of a true country album with the complexity of being young in a big city. Brooklyn’s country gem laments, “Is this what Mama meant when she told me how hard it can get?” with a syrupy, unmasked voice, recalling perfectly the blissful ignorance of childhood in a single line. Now, Michaela is spreading the nostalgia as she hits the road in support of the album— be sure to catch her at Brooklyn’s Union Pool on July 30th. - Jillian Dooley

July 28, 2014

Around since 2007, A Great Big Pile of Leaves has been slowly but surely building an enviable fan base through their quality indie pop, that turns the sonic clock back to the more or less alternative pop of the 90s, from early R.E.M. to Prefab Sprout. Led by Singer/guitarist Pete Weiland and drummer Tyler Soucy, the group released their third and most acclomplished album in 2013 and spent the last couple of weeks touring with Braid. The second to last leg of the tour will see them perform at the Music Hall of Williamsburg tonigh July 26.

July 25, 2014

NYC dream pop duo-with-band Ex Cops just premiered the single 'Black Soap' (streaming below) on... Vogue! We often wondered what kind of requirements a band's gotta have to be covered on the fashion magazine's 'culture' pages, but now we get it! It's all about having a model in the band - fair enough! However, Ex Cop is a band that trascends questionable choices based on facade: we booked the guys for our CMJ show last year and they put on a great show. The new single is a taste of the upcoming album 'Daggers,' scheduled for a late October release.

We added this song to The Deli's playlist of Best songs by emerging NYC artists - check it out!

July 25, 2014

We highlighted fuzz pop Brooklyn via Maine trio Mount Sharp in this blog in April after they landed a Pianos Residency. They are now unveiling this video for single Icarus (streaming), an intense track that progresses from a chilled intro into an explosive finale through an almost incessant crescendo. The band will be playing live at Park Slope's Union Hall on August 1. 

July 25, 2014

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