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Ghost King

Hailing from The Bronx and led by Spires' drummer Carter McNeil, Ghost King plays muddy fuzz rock brightened by unexpected chord changes, psychedelic overtones, and a '90s rock inspired lo-fi production that blends the fun attitude of Violent Femmes, the stellar songwriting of The Pixies and the slacking tendencies of Pavement. Early psych rock influences emerge here and there in their debut album 'Bones' (check out the rather Barretesque 'Bones pt. 1,' or the chorus explosion of 'When the Sky Turns blue' - streaming below), enriching the sonic palette in ways rarely accomplished, in a single record, without it sounding... all over the place. But beyond the familiar and beloved references to the past, what makes this album great is its consistently brilliant songwriting, and the band's habit of taking the listener in and out of unexpected places, like for example with the dissonant riffs of 'Skeleton Dance' 's intro, which slowly morphs into a perfectly consonant verse, or through the bizarre development of ''Til You Belong to Me' or 'Bones pt. 2.'  

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Grizzly Bear

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With obvious nods to psych rock and krautrock evident in their latest EP, 'Gathering Rust,' to call Honduras simply a punk (or post-punk band) would be reductive. The quartet manages to combine the reckless attitude of punk, youthful abandon of garage rock, and the polished melodic tendencies of indie to forge a sound that encapsulates the past and present of NYC (and NJ too, since we growingly hear an early Feelies influence). The band placed third in our recent Best of NYC 2015 Poll for Emerging Artists, and is about to embark on a three week East Coast tour.

Check out this little Delicious Audio feature with Honduras' lead guitarist Tyson Moore iand his favorite guitar pedal.

We added this song to The Deli's playlist of Best songs by emerging NYC artists - check it out!

May 24, 2016

Featuring vocals and production as smooth as they are stirring, New York R&B outlet Lowhency Pierre has the potential to go places.  Named after its vocalist and with a sole EP to their name, the R&B group demonstrates a musical and lyrical maturity rare for a group as young as they are. On each track the vocalist plays singer and poet alike, crooning profound messages about his experience as well as the human experience in general. Backing him up is impressive R&B production that pulls from a variety of influences including hip-hop, funk and neo-soul.  Not afraid to flex this diversity, the band often switches up the beat multiple times within songs seamlessly.  You can catch them at Pianos on 7/9. - Henry Solotaroff-Webber

May 24, 2016

Based on the mix of influences, nothing about Home Blitz's Foremost and Fair should work—except it does, and quite beautifully. At its core, this 2015 record is an emo pop-punk album with heavy slacker overtones - and a good one at that - but its the unique bells and whistles of the project that make it really intriguing. As the castle on the cover suggests, the record is filled with musical sequences that you would expect to find in a historical drama or a fantasy RPG, but definitely not a punk inspired LP.  This makes for a ton of enjoyable WTF moments across the full length, none better than single "I'm That Key," boasting baroque keyboard parts reminiscent of The Stranglers, or opener "Seven Thirty," where a flute part subtly integrates the track's catchy guitars. On "Betton Hill," and "Tell me There" these throwbacks get pushed to the forefront as oddly catchy, courtly piano sequences that make up a good chunk of the tracks' melodies, along with the singer's never too whiny vocals. Foremost and Fair then bows out with "Cutting the Cross," a catchy finale, where twangy guitars and upbeat keys mingle to send the album out on a very high-note, while still retaining the overall (extremely) vintage feel. Seamlessly integrating these archaic elements into a punk record seems like something that would require nothing short of magic, but Home Blitz pulled it off, and in the process innovated a genre that some may think had reached its limits. Don't miss their live show at Union Pool on 05.24. - Henry Solotaroff Webber

We added "I'm That Key" song to The Deli's playlist of Best punky songs by emerging NYC artists - check it out!

May 23, 2016

While the term “singer/songwriter” may connote such masters as Sufjan Stevens, Brooklyn-via-Ohio’s Tangina Stone radiates the troubadour spirit in her girl-group poetry. Favorite quip: “Your love so bright you're giving me a suntan.” Her EP The Fall highlights both the singer's colloquial talent as well as her pipes, while her latest remix of single 'Don't' (video streaming below) interestingly steers towards soulful, electronic hip hop.  The Brooklyn-based singer will play for the first time music from her new album "Elevate" coming this summer on Monster/Empire. - Brian Chidester

May 23, 2016

Queens, NY-based trio Dead Waves are set to release their post-psych-noise sophomore record “Living Inside” on May 27. If you are a fan of wild, loose, jammy drumming, distant guitar drone and angst-filled screaming vocals, you’ve found your band here. Calling their music "transcendental post-punk," the direct lineage to early works of Sonic Youth, John Zorn, and Swans are readily detected. Having Martin Bisi produce (who worked with those three artists) solidifies that connection. Some of the albums six tracks introduce a heavier guitar sound in places, while quieter moments evoke the vocal style of Joy Division’s Ian Curtis. There are also moments where spoken word segments are introduced a la' Jim Morrison or Henry Rollins. The band will play Shea Stadium on May 26 along with PC Worship, Martin Bisi, Parlor Walls, Prima, and Ritual Humor. - Dave Cromwell

May 23, 2016

The sound of Queens natives Special Guest’s is a hard one to nail down  - which is always a good sign. They blend together elements from indie rock, shoegazer, psychedelia, and post-punk to create a uniquely layered, complex musical style. Their self-titled debut album was released in the winter of 2015, and features 12 tracks, each one standing out in its own way. “Quatro” and “Bouncy” rely heavily on psychedelic flourishes and evolving synths, while “Trace” and “Ghost Rocket” feature a more straight indie rock sound. We are diggin' in particular shoegaze/noise number 'UNO' (streaming below) and mathy instrumental "Five-Four." The band recently played a Sofar Sound show and will be performing next at Shea Stadium in support of Banned Books on June 28th.

May 20, 2016

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