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Dolly Spartan
"self-titled EP

I think we can all agree about the fact that age is very important in rock'n'roll; we might not like that (we don't) but we can agree about it, right? Therefore, a good rock song is bound to get some added value when it's written and performed by four musicians in their (not so late) teens. And then, if you also realize that the band has a solid six track debut EP with no fillers under their belt, things start to get really interesting: records without fillers are rare at any age... The band in question is NYC's Dolly Spartan; their self titled debut fluctuates between pop punk exuberance ('We'll say that for now,' streaming below, and ' 'Don't You Know') and more tamed melodic moments reminiscent of a dirtier Vampire Weekend ('Who Are You,') or even of sacred monsters like The Beatles and their beloved disciples XTC ('Something on my Mind'). The band's sound features the right amount of rawness (think early Pixies), which gets tamed at least in part by songwriter and lead singer's Michael Eliran tenor, that sounds way more mature than his years. The range of the six tracks, the actual songwriting, and the maturity of the arrangements is truly impressive for such a young band, and make this is one of the most consistently fun NYC made record we heard in a while. Hopefully these guys' sound won't get too polished too soon!

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Grizzly Bear

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Change is one of the secrets of inspirations. That's definitely something Brooklyn band (via eastern Europe) The Clox knows, considering how different and how inspired their newest single "Lullaby" sounds. While their previous releases offered a sound landing somewhere between alt rock and new wave, "Lullaby" welcomes music influences that sound Arabic to us (we are not expert in the field), and absorbs them in a western electronic rock setting. You can see the trio live at Rough Trade on Saturday April 25th.

April 22, 2015

Marrying ethereal vocal arrangements with classical and ambient influences, and relying on a drumless soundscape where the only rhythm is created by vocal loops and the occasional piano chord, Brooklyn artist GABI has created with "Sympathy"  a record of rare intensity and beauty. The album release will be celebrated tonight (04.22) with a show at the Le Poisson Rouge.

April 22, 2015

7-piece NYC band Silver Dollars are a big helping of home-fried Americana. Truly— the lyrics yearn exactly for drinking cheap beer around the fire after supper, slow western winds, old trucks, soul food, and romanticized ideas of a simpler life. Harmonicas are soaring, steel guitars juddering, and a man dips into the lows of his voice to mourn the loss of love and home among a lonesome cityscape. They play The Cakeshop 4/21 and Bar Matchless 4/22. - Leora Mandel

April 22, 2015

Brooklyn band No Chief is going to play at The Brooklyn Bowl this Thursday and we can’t tell you exactly what they’re going to sound like. The project stems from the vision of drummer/writer Bob D’Amico (he used to play with the Fiery Furnaces) and slightly changes direction every time he pulls a different gifted friend into the mix. Among these collaborators are members from bands such as That Dog, Stranger Cat, Sebadoh, and of course The Fiery Furnaces. D’Amico describes his music as “Percussion as Melody. Pitched Instruments as Percussion.” Last fall he released two songs on Bandcamp that might give you an idea of just what he means by that. "Ride" is a sound example of percussion's ability to build songs into journeys. See what D'Amico's been up to on 4/23 when No Chief will be sharing the stage with Celestial Shore and Delicate Steve between the great traditions of bowling lanes and beer. - Leora Mandel

April 21, 2015

Brooklyn's dance lovers scene should be ecstatic to have Lazer Cake among its ranks. The band offers some extremely catchy, shakable themes reminiscent of the 70’s, but with the added freshness of modern synth, drummed up with creative vision by a pretty cognoscente... drummer: his name is Robby Sinclair  and he is also the band's lead singer. Their songs vary in lyrical and effectual melody, using retro falsetto and soft croons and an assortment of key tones, but they all institute a fun, sometimes gorgeous, and ever beat-friendly environment. The result is an exact fulfillment of a mission statement: to get people moving, while exerting a very natural and wholesome chemistry, both in live and studio settings.

Read JP Basileo's Q&A with Lazer Cake.

We added this song to The Deli's playlist of Best electronic songs by emerging NYC artists - check it out!

April 21, 2015

Holy Sons, brainchild of psychedelic songwriter Emil Amos, doesn't play music that will brighten your day. Emil uses this project as an outlet for dealing with his own ghosts, and his dark, thoughtful, haunted songs don't do anything to conceal that: the process obviously represents a rather effective form of self medication, considering he's released eleven records since 2000 (two of them in 2014). Emil recently moved to NYC (from Portland), recruited musicians to re-form his band, and has been playing several gigs in and around Brooklyn. You can catch him at the upcoming Brain Cave Festival on April 25 at Baby's All Right.

April 21, 2015

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