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Brooklyn Vegan: Castevet break up
Skull Practitioners
""st1 (tape)"

Where the genre of “psych rock” will usually refer to “psychedelic rock,” Skull Practitioners take it to a level where the meaning “psychosis rock” would be more appropriate, hurling harsh guitar tones and thumping bass haunts, along with an avalanche of drum fills, into a whirlwind of amplified delirium. The NYC trio produces a heavier and more diverse wall of sound than most five-piece bands out there, swelling and punching up and down scales and arpeggios, blasting through fuzz and decay, resulting in a bleakly intense look into a mind lost. With different vocalists featured on various tracks, it might be difficult to discern an established frontman, but does it matter? The sounds coming from Jason Victor and Ken Levine’s amps, back Alex Baker’s drums are the huge focus here. – JP Basileo


genre benders with hope
by: Sam Kogon date:May 16, 2014 - MORE
Shilpa Ray
finding beauty within darkness
by: John McGovern date:April 25, 2014 - MORE
Baby Alpaca
by: Bianca Seidman date:April 25, 2014 - MORE
Erin Barra
blue eyed technocrat
by: Bianca Seidman date:April 18, 2014 - MORE
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The New York Dolls

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The Talking Heads
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Lydia Lunch
The Contortions  
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Blonde Redhead
Grizzly Bear

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scene blog

Following the disbandment of avant-pop trio The Mobius Band, Brooklyn based singer songwriter/producer Ben Sterling started Cookies in 2012. The project basically channeled solo material he had been working on since around 2009. On July 31st the band will be performing at Rough Trade (together with that unstoppable EDM machince known as Avan Lava) and unveil new material off the upcoming debut record entitled 'Music for Touching,' scheduled for a September 9 release. The record features Colin Stetson (Arcade Fire), Aakaash Israni (Dawn of Midi), Tom Vek, Rebecca Zeller (Ra Ra Riot), the Magik Magik Orchestra, and the voices of Melissa Metrick, Areni Agbabian and Ashley Giorgi, who serve as the female counterpoint to Sterling's baritone. Listen to the title track below.

July 23, 2014

Animal Years is a project spearheaded by Mike McFadden, who primarily was a solo artist until he moved to Brooklyn, where he gathered a full band for his set.  Their debut LP, Sun Will Rise, is anthemic and powerful; a passionate work of thrilling crescendos fueled by bright and expansive guitar and McFadden's lyrical prowess.  His vocals are firm and expressive, charging through each song with an impressive force.  "Let Go of Your Head" has an electrifying energy, chiefly when the chorus kicks in; infectiously catchy, it stands out on the album as a high point.  Stream the song below and you can watch the video for their song "Forget What They're Telling You" here.  You can see them live at the Brooklyn Bowl on Thursday, July 31st where they will open for Bronz Radio Return.

We added this song to The Deli's playlist of Best Alt Rock songs by emerging NYC artists - check it out!

July 23, 2014

Sultry folk band Shenandoah and the Night (whose debut EP was The Deli NYC's Record of the Month back in 2011) has just released the haunting ‘100 Wants, Part One,’ the first of a series of live and studio recordings that will be released on a quarterly basis and will culminate in a vinyl pressing upon completion. Infectiously feminine Shenandoah Ableman's and her uniquely melancholic (and almost vintage sounding) soprano return this time within even sparser arrangements, and we’re hoping the rest of the releases follow suit— so far, we love what we’re hearing. Listen to the release here and be sure to catch their July 25th performance at Pete’s Candy Store. - Jillian Dooley

July 22, 2014

Progressive Americana singer/songwriter Johnny Lewis, who fronts a six-piece ensemble that plays chill acoustic jams accompanied by the singer's calm voice and soothing backup vocals. The former electronic music producer is set to release his self-titled debut LP on 9/23. Opening for bands like The Flaming Lips and EOTO, Lewis plays music that resonates with the jam band sound, even sounding a little like some of Phish's slower acoustic studio tracks in his song 'Familiar Chime,' which you can listen to below. You can catch him and his band at their album release show on 9/8 at Mercury Lounge, or beforehand at Pianos on 8/12 as well as at Friends & Lovers in Brooklyn on 8/19. - Michael Haskoor (@Tweetskoor)

July 22, 2014

Tonight (07.22) The Silent Barn is offering an excellent sample of the current Brooklyn musical fauna. Our favorite stone(d) rockers, Baked will be headlining with support by the improvisation-based Bueno and Chicago natives, Crown Larks.  Opening the show is Florida, a band which includes members of PC worship, and a surly, drugged out sense of humor.  Their most recent album is a grungy mix of psychedelic jams, which you can stream below.  Be there. - Jake Saunders

July 22, 2014

With our (very NYCish) attention deficit disorder, we rarely stop for 3 minutes to watch a video from beginning to end. But this new video by quirky Brooklyn popsters Hani Zahra hypnotized us... HOLY CRAP! 170k YouTube plays in a week?!? Cute song too, well done guys!

July 21, 2014

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