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Last year Baked came out with a tape called S/T Cassette.  Two songs short, it's enough to see where the band is coming from; they're not afraid to blur themselves, letting the sounds melt into landscape jams.  On Debt, their debut off Exploding in Sound, Baked is still melting, but it's a much more guided flow.  The album mixes high velocities with the turned down mellow feels that Baked just seems to ooze from every orifice.   R.J. Gordon's vocals take a back seat under a wash of reverb, sitting just below the pop driven melodies that surround him.  "Mick Jagger" especially is a stunner, where Yoni David's drumming drives the tune as the rest of the sounds float in zero gravity.  There's something unobtainably attractive about this band's sound, whether it's because they remind us of England's long lost Wu Lyf, or because they channel Bedhead at the same time. - Jake Saunders

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We all know how picky Bowery Presents is with the artists it books - bring no crowd to one of their shows and you are out! In this perspective, a slot at Mercury Lounge during CMJ week can be seen as a valuable prize for artists respected by booking staff of the NYC venue giant. In truth, this year not many emerging locals made it on the Mercury Lounge's CMJ week listings. One of the lucky ones is the electronic tinkerer that goes under the name of Saint Pepsi (aka Ryan DeRobertis). From his ambient disco beginnings, enriched with the soul of vocal samples, Ryan in his more recent release on Carpark Records has switched gear to a more direct synth-pop format, graced by his own vocals. His music is more appropriate for a loungy party than a wild night of dancing, although - while lounging - you might not be able to prevent parts of your body from moving to his beats. Listen to single "Fiona Coyne" below and check out Saint Pepsi live at Mercury on October 22.

We added this song to The Deli's playlist of Best Electronic songs by emerging NYC artists - check it out!

October 17, 2014

Sometimes records grow on us - such is the case for Zula's "This Hopeful," released in October 2013.
There are two sides to psychedelia: dream and hallucination. Shoegazer and Dream Pop embrace the first, Psych Rock the second. Brooklyn band Zula perfectly blend both. The band finds itself at home when it's time to engage in sonic experimentations mostly fueled by frantic stomping on guitar effect pedals ("This Hopeful"), but can deliver - a few minutes later - the perfectly placid dreamy melody of NRGZ. These are the two stronger songs in the band's debut LP "This Hopeful" (although we also dig "Poison," streaming below), an album that never ceases to surprise, and that showcases a band that dares to explore every possibility given by every single musical element at their disposal, without renegading neither melody nor noise, but admirably succeeding in retaining a stylistic identity in the process.

Read The Deli's interview with Zula from earlier in 2014 + see them live at CMJ next week, it shouldn't be hard to fit into your schedule, they are playing seven shows!

October 17, 2014

We booked NYC duo Blonds two years ago for our CMJ 2012 Rootsy Stage - we remember the band complained that they weren't really a rootsy band. Well, maybe they weren't, but we must have detected some of those soul influences that are now pouring out of the band's male half Jordy Asher's new solo project BOOTS. (For the record, soul music belong to the roots music umbrella). The young musician and producer suddenly rose to relevance (rather than fame) when in  2013 he signed to Jay-Z's entertainment company and Sony Music Entertainment imprint, Roc Nation, and produced the big majority of Beyoncé's self-titled fifth studio album, released in December 2013. He's now focusing on his solo material, which - from single Mercy (streaming below) - sounds extremely soulful and intensely mellow. Boots will be touring with FKA Twigs in November, see him at Baby's All Right on Tuesday 10.28.

October 16, 2014

Dreamers' noisy guitars (especially the intro of single "Waste My Night," whose new video is streaming below) can't hide the band's melodic essence, which is one of the factors that led The Deli to book them for its upcoming CMJ Indie PopStage next Saturday 10.25 at Spike Hill. The Brooklyn pop rock trio is slated to release their debut EP on November 18.

Read Dave Cromwell's interview with DREAMERS.

October 16, 2014

Names generate expectations, and a band called The Amigos conjures up evenings spent al fresco, somewhere by the Mexican border, with friendly and funny people - just what the doctor ordered for your average over-worked New Yorker. Armed with just an acoustic guitar, an accordion, and - but of course! - cowboy hats, the NYC based duo plays a charming blend of Americana, Cajun music and pop that can bring a smile to the most stoic of hipsters. If you feel like it's time to (re)discover the healing power of music, don't miss their upcoming performance at The Bell House on October 23.

This band submitted their music for coverage here.

October 16, 2014

When you talk about Sons of an Illustrious Father, you have to speak of the band in terms of eras. Their initial recordings were folky, even vaguely alt-country, as if exhumed, dusted off, and brought down from the mountain. The vocals on these songs are beautifully breathy and cigarette stretched, the drums play a lithe shuffle, and are accompanied by banjos and the echo of an electric guitar. The music the band produces in its current iteration retains many of these facets, but has also noticeably evolved. Their latest two singles, “Very Few Dancers" and "Strange Home,” carry influences as disparate as folk, psychedelic rock, and contemporary hip-hop, and rely heavily on electric instrumentation. Still present though is that singular voice, which hopefully the band never outgrows.

Read Emilio Herce's interview with Sons of Illustrious Father
See the band live at The Deli's CMJ Roots Stages at Rockwood on 10.22.

October 15, 2014


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