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Dolly Spartan
"self-titled EP

I think we can all agree about the fact that age is very important in rock'n'roll; we might not like that (we don't) but we can agree about it, right? Therefore, a good rock song is bound to get some added value when it's written and performed by four musicians in their (not so late) teens. And then, if you also realize that the band has a solid six track debut EP with no fillers under their belt, things start to get really interesting: records without fillers are rare at any age... The band in question is NYC's Dolly Spartan; their self titled debut fluctuates between pop punk exuberance ('We'll say that for now,' streaming below, and ' 'Don't You Know') and more tamed melodic moments reminiscent of a dirtier Vampire Weekend ('Who Are You,') or even of sacred monsters like The Beatles and their beloved disciples XTC ('Something on my Mind'). The band's sound features the right amount of rawness (think early Pixies), which gets tamed at least in part by songwriter and lead singer's Michael Eliran tenor, that sounds way more mature than his years. The range of the six tracks, the actual songwriting, and the maturity of the arrangements is truly impressive for such a young band, and make this is one of the most consistently fun NYC made record we heard in a while. Hopefully these guys' sound won't get too polished too soon!

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Drawing from influences as diverse (but intimately connected) as Throbbing Gristle, Butthole Surfers and early Ween, PC Worship is a musical entity that despises - rather than simply defying - categorizing. They are so hostile to crystallized descriptions that they brand themselves as 'a band, solo project & collective of musicians [...] aesthetically uncommitted and exploratory." And even though almost every band on the planet has delusions about being that free, PC Worship actually kind of pulls it off (although they are clearly committed to noise and dissonance - and to being unpredictable). You can see them live at Baby's All Right on May 28. What to expect then? We are not sure about the number of musicians on stage, but music-wise: anything weird, although - luckily - not lacking some structure.

April 17, 2015

While we were checking out the listings at Rough Trade (see previous post) we stumbled upon Brooklyn's revival pop trio Las Rosas. Their song will cast the listener to a vintage musical world where the cheeky melodies of the British pop bands of the '60s (think Kinks) meet with the "beachy" psychedelic pop that invaded the west coast of the US during that same decade. The nasal lead vocals have a cool tone that works perfectly in the mix, and is balanced by well crafted falsetto harmonies. The band released a five song EP entitled "Flower in the Sun" in the spring of 2014, and then a two song single the following November including Ms. America (streaming below). You can catch them at Rough Trade on 04.23 opening for once NYC (and now Nashville) based Clear Plastic Masks.

April 17, 2015

If - right now - you feel the need to be charmed, just click on the play button of the song streaming below and let things happen. You will hear the never endingly titled song "Peggy Asked A Question & The Answer Is 'Yes' & 'Let's Keep Dancing." Relegated for some reason at the bottom of the tracklist, this is one of our favorite songs from Brooklyn pastoral-dream-pop collective Field Guides' debut album, released this past November, and entitled "Boo Forever." We highlighted the band in this blog for the first time a few months ago and it looks like things are moving in the right direction for them, since they've been booked to play the (rather large) Rough Trade stage on May 1st, opening for NYC indie staples Miracle of Modern Science and Emanuel & the Fear. If you live in South Brooklyn, you can catch them at The Rock Shop on April 23.

April 17, 2015

Started by former Whigs and current MGMT guitarist Hank Sullivant in 2008, NYC Indie pop band Kuroma has gone through various inceptions before finally settling on their current one, the line-up rounded out by James Richardson and Will Berman of MGMT and Simon O'Connor of Amazing Baby. Considering the incredible background of all musicians involved in this project (who also work as producers), we thought it would be interesting to know a thing or two about their favorite gear and how they tackle the creative and recording processes. We asked Hank a few questions in this regard here.

If you dig the band, you shouldn't miss their upcoming show at Les Poisson Rouge on April 23.

April 16, 2015

Antifolk favorite/Sidewalk Café regular Viktor Longo (another artist to make our latest Best of NYC Emerging Artists list) usually records sardonic pop songs under the name Viking, but this year he has begun releasing what he describes as sci-fi glam rock under his own name. Longo switches between cooing "O Holy Night" like a small, bright bird and crackling and cawing out “I want to kill the feeling.” Some songs rely on minimal guitar grooves or pitter-patters on piano while others travel by way of synths, distortion, and bold beats. You can celebrate the premier of his music video "The Feeling" at Emerson House on May 30th and catch him at Pete's Candy's Store on May 28th. - Leora Mandel

April 16, 2015

This past October Fancy Colors, a band featuring Zac Colwell (Chappo, Big Data) & Dave Heilman (Sondre Lerche, Regina Specktor) treated us to a beautiful live performance at our CMJ 2014 Pop Stage at Spike Hill. We are now happy to premiere their new video for single "History of Civilization." Here's a note they sent us about how it came to life: "This time last year, we found ourselves in Panama City to play "Festival Abierto" with our friends Naked Hearts.  After the show, Dave stuck around for a few weeks to explore different regions of the country and Zac encouraged him to bring a video camera along to shoot some footage for a music video.  The images span a few days spent traveling to, and living on, the San Blas Islands along the Caribbean coast of Panama -- a paradisiacal archipelago and home to the Kuna Tribe."

April 16, 2015


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