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Skull Practitioners
""st1 (tape)"

Where the genre of “psych rock” will usually refer to “psychedelic rock,” Skull Practitioners take it to a level where the meaning “psychosis rock” would be more appropriate, hurling harsh guitar tones and thumping bass haunts, along with an avalanche of drum fills, into a whirlwind of amplified delirium. The NYC trio produces a heavier and more diverse wall of sound than most five-piece bands out there, swelling and punching up and down scales and arpeggios, blasting through fuzz and decay, resulting in a bleakly intense look into a mind lost. With different vocalists featured on various tracks, it might be difficult to discern an established frontman, but does it matter? The sounds coming from Jason Victor and Ken Levine’s amps, back Alex Baker’s drums are the huge focus here. – JP Basileo


genre benders with hope
by: Sam Kogon date:May 16, 2014 - MORE
Shilpa Ray
finding beauty within darkness
by: John McGovern date:April 25, 2014 - MORE
Baby Alpaca
by: Bianca Seidman date:April 25, 2014 - MORE
Erin Barra
blue eyed technocrat
by: Bianca Seidman date:April 18, 2014 - MORE
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Bob Dylan

Simon and Garfunkel

Velvet Underground
The 70's
Patti Smith
The New York Dolls

The Ramones

The Talking Heads
Richard Hell
The Dead Boys
Lydia Lunch
The Contortions  
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Sonic Youth
Bad Brains
Beastie Boys
Bruce Springsteen
The Feelies
Laurie Anderson
They Might Be Giants
John Zorn
Arto Lindsay
Sonic Youth
The Fleshtones
The 90's

Jeff Buckley

The Magnetic Fields
Yo La Tengo
Soul Coughing
Cat Power
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The Strokes
TV on The Radio
Fiery Furnaces
Yeah Yeah Yeahs
The Bravery
Animal Collective
Bright Eyes
Devendra Banhart
Moldy Peaches
Le Tigre
Blonde Redhead
Grizzly Bear

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scene blog

Yo NYC folks!

There's no anniversary without one (or three) parties!

Please join us to celebrate The Deli's Ten Year Anniversary at these awesome events - FULL POSTER HERE


AUGUST 01 - FREE - 18+
Indie Night at Brooklyn Bazaar

11.00 Spires
10.00 Mainland
9.00 The Can't Tells
8.00 Little Racer

AUGUST 02 - FREE - 18+
Folk and Pop Night at Brooklyn Bazaar

11.00 Secret Someones
10.00 5j Barrow
9.00 The Prettiots
8.00 Poor Remy

The Deli's Staff

July 07, 2014

Quite reliably, every year Brooklyn churns out a dream pop band that makes waves in the blogosphere and beyond, and Beverly is the latest in this series. The band - which in its original inception featured Frankie Rose on drums - recently signed with local label Kanine Records (who launched Grizzly Bear, Chairlift and Surfrer Blood among others), and just released this new video for the single "Out On A Ride" (watch it below). They will be touring with break out NYC indie poppers The Drums in September and October, and play Rough Trade on August 5.

July 30, 2014

Singer-songwriter Katie Buchanan has just unleashed a haunting, extremely well shot crime scene-inspired video for her single “Go” that brings an element of melodrama to the already-heartbreaking track. Set to appear on her upcoming EP of the same name, the song is said to have been inspired by a toxic friendship nearing its end, and the video offers a symbolic representation of this ending in the form of death. The video is a gorgeous interpretation of a song rooted in sheer sadness, and Buchanan’s dark, blues-inspired vocals - planted effortlessly on top of hollow percussion and a sparse, steady guitar arrangement - underscore this feeling. Watch the video below. Buchanan’s forthcoming EP is set to release on August 5th. - Jillian Dooley

July 30, 2014

Eula is bringing us an insane lineup for their EP release party tomorrow night (07.31).  On the bill they have New England rockers, Pile, and the current Deli's band of the year, Big Ups.  Opening up is Courtship Ritual, whose debut album, Pith, is a promising work of dark bedroom pop.  Simple harmonies combined with unexpected warbly guitar hooks provide an interesting combination; it's as if slacker-rock met L.A. pop and had a baby in Brooklyn. The show is at Palisades this Thursday (7/31) - check out Courtship Ritual single 'Ancient Drip' below. - Jake Saunders

July 29, 2014

At the end of last 2013, songstress Diane Birch released her second album “Speak A Little Louder,” which garnered a similar critical acclaim bestowed on 2009’s debut “Bible Belt.” Establishing a permanent residency in Brooklyn (she's originally from Michigan, but she lived in Zimbabwe, South Africa and Sydney, Australia before settling in Portland, OR) has afforded opportunities to collaborate with creative forces that better reflect her evolving sound. Daptones drummer Homer Steinweiss became that influential foil, producing and co-writing several tracks on the latest album. Though her primary instrument is piano (and her voice), many of the tracks feature analog sounding synths that have a decidedly retro feel.

- Read Dave Cromwell's Interview with Diane Birch
- See Diane Birch perform live at one of The Deli's Ten Year Anniversary Parties at 
Brooklyn Bazaar on August 02 with Secret Someones, 5J Barrow, The Prettiots, and Poor Remy.

July 29, 2014

Nytyly is an electronic indie pop group out of Brooklyn lead by Natalie About El Hessen.  Their music is based around pop structures, experimenting with unexpected melodies and strange turn arounds.  Stream their recent single, "Love Will Wait", below.   -Jake Saunders 

Jesus on the Mainline (pictured) is a 15 piece act of amazing musicians who offer an impressive mixture of RnB and soul mixed with blues and indie rock. Check out their single Sister City, Brother Bone  below, and the cover of Nirvana's Lithium here, as they turn the famous grunge rock masterpiece into a massively groovy jam. They'll be playing Music Hall of W'Burg on August 25.

Noelle Tannen weaves soul, jazz, and rock and roll to into amazing compositions of rich and beautiful strength.  Her vocals are powerful, driving each song further into diverse and compelling energies, and it's not a surprise that she grew up singing in churches.  

These artists submitted their music for coverage here.

July 29, 2014

Which of these acts should be The Deli's next NYC Artist of the Month?

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