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Gorilla Vs Bear: video: Beverly – Madora
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"Debut EP ""Kitsuné"" by Puerto Rico/Brooklyn band Buscabulla (Spanish slang for 'troublemaker'), is one of the most beautiful and intriguing records to catch our ears in quite some time. In its four tracks, the band effortlessly blends electro, industrial, world music and dream/pop into a very enjoyable final product. Opening track ""Caer"" alternates gritty guitar loops with liquid synths, while singer Raquel Berrios' voice charms and soothes with minimal pop melodies sung in Spanish, but that seem to bear some kind of Japanese influence. Metelé is a more traditional electronic, atmospheric ballad reminiscent of Air but still dominated by an Eastern sounding melody, while ""Temporal"" - the most experimental track in the EP - blends the clanging of a mechanical loop with what sounds like a synchopated, finger piano sample, while distorted guitars swells drive the song through its tension and release cycles. Final track ""Sono"" - one of the strongest on the record - recycles an idyllic, 60s sounding flute sample and surrounds it with a funky drum pattern and all sorts of distorted and percussive sounds - all very organic sounding - while Raquel indulges in a simple melody that seems inspired by nursery rhymes. Buscabulla's ""Kitsuné,"" with its incredible array of ethnic influences filtered through a Western musical lens, represents as close as it gets how today's NYC music should sound."

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The Deli's Staff

November 18, 2014

In the genre box of their Facebook profile Brooklyn garage rockers The Planes describe themselves as "anti-commercial, indie, DIY" - we should totally add "anti-commercial" to our list of genres here! However, it's a tough call to be anti-commercial guys, because a small amount of anti-establishment acts who hated the idea of being commercial ended up selling quite a lot of records and touring a lot, and both things belong squarely to the field of... commerce! So, the only way to stay true to that statement would be for The Planes to not charge for records and only play free shows, two things they are actually scheduled to do as soon as tomorrow, when they will be releasing their new EP "Catch You/Milk Maid" at Cake Shop (cover $7). But anyway, this stuff doesn't matter, what matter is the music, and The Planes have some cool songs that resonate with the slacker hiding in each one of us. We should have a song from the new record for streaming tomorrow, for now you can enjoy this track from last year's debut album "Echo Forever/Forever Echo."

November 20, 2014

NYC's Wet Leather plays pop the way we like it: super catchy, but tense and edgy at once. The vague Prince influences we detected in "Astral Projection" - opening track of their soon to be released EP "Past Lives" - become more than vague in following track "Stop Me if I'm Doing it Wrong," but hey, every band has its own references and hardly anybody is channeling "His Royal Badness" these days. Also, not many songwriters can come up with timeless melodies like the one propelling the chorus of "Astral Projection" (streaming). The sophisticated but gritty production enhances the dark side of this pop-soul gem through subtle dissonances and suspencefull staccatos - we dig. Check out Wet Leather at Rockwood's Stage 2 when they celebrate the release of their sophomore EP.

November 20, 2014

Storytelling is an art in music.  Slick Rick spun some yarns, Biggie added specific details that drew us in, and countless other MCs have taken up the torch with varying degrees of engagement.  Brooklyn’s Metermaids display their instinctual yen for towing the line and reeling it in slowly with their video for “Profiteer,” the new single for their upcoming album We Brought Knives out Dec 2 on Strange Famous Records.  It’s a moody piece with a Stand By Me (the movie) vibe that makes you nostalgic for the creepy days of your childhood. - BrokeMC



November 19, 2014

We blogged about Brooklyn goth rockers Cult of Youth a few weeks ago saying how such a great band should get more visibility... well it seems like the Gods of music listened to our wishes, since the band's new record "Final Days" is getting rave reviews - including from Pitchfork, which gave it a resounding 8.1, and Stereogum, which chose it as their "Record of the Week." For complex cultural reasons probably due to the fact that American prefer more explicit forms of rebellion, this is a band bound to find most of its audience in Europe (in particular the northern part of it), a continent that welcomes quality dark music and art more than any other. That's why they are touring it more than thoroughly early next year. They have no local show scheduled right now, but we can imagine they won't be short of offers after the critical praise they are receiving, so watch out!

November 19, 2014

I really didn't know what to expect when Tiny Hazard took the stage last Tuesday at The Silent Barn.  My ultimate description of this band ended up somewhere around "surrealist nightmare fairy tale music."  Alena Spanger set the tone not just with her appearance - barefoot, a white dress, she looked young, like she was straight out of a cartoon - and her vocals, which would change on a whim from operatic disney to demon lord fury. 

Spanger and Tiny Hazard don't want us to have any expectations, actively fooling us into thinking they're one thing until they're not.   They'll be in the middle of a soft, dainty melody until someone hits the tritone on the piano and everything goes dark.  When you barely have time to adjust to the sudden change they'll plunge into heavy, distorted, no-wave inspired insanity.  But there's a method to the madness, their recordings and their live sets are both highly contained and controlled atmospheres, where every move has a purpose.

Their most recent single, "Silhouette" is a further demonstration of their eclecticism.  The song is disguised as a highly accessible pop song, but it's clear that we're in a confusing mid-point between light and dark. "All of those sick faces/Crooked and vacant/Mounting is your unrest/Warping silhouette," Spanger sings over a R n B/soul inspired synth melody, it seems almost out of place until someone turns on the 'evil' switch on and we're shot into hell and the lyrics aren't as out of place.  Stream the track below (one of their slower ones) and check them out at The Mercury Lounge on 11.22.

INTERVIEW: Read Emilio Herce's interview with Tiny Hazard.

November 19, 2014

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