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"' Horizons' EP

Cantina is the Italian word for "cellar," the dark and rather cold place where time, wood, air and silence magically transorfm tedious grape juice into inebriating, delicious wine. Cantina is also the name of Renata Zeiguer's growing musical project, a band so quiet that one could say it flirts with silence, and so charming and dreamy to sound magic. Their seven track debut EP 'Horizons' opens with airy ballad 'When Your Eyes,' that sounds like an irresistible siren call coming out of an old wooden gramophone, where a lush, acoustic arrangement slowly overwhelms a melody so pristine it could only be conceived in the the squalid corners of Bushwick. All we can gather from the lyrics is: "and if you ask me to..." - which is really all a siren should say to a hungover NYC-life sailor. The rest of the record offers similar atmospheres, althought at times more upbeat ('Stay Like This') and more electric ('Fields') but always dominated by Renata's celestial soprano and her otherworldly melodies, and well supported by an unobtrusive musical background that perfectly serves each song.

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Bob Dylan

Simon and Garfunkel

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Jeff Buckley

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Cat Power
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Devendra Banhart
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Le Tigre
Blonde Redhead
Grizzly Bear

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scene blog

Here's our yearly article focused on the health of the NYC scene, also called (very presidentially) The State Of the NYC Scene in 2014. It was published in print in The Deli's Spring Issue 2014, enjoy!

The Deli's Staff

August 27, 2014

Our current NYC artist of the month Dreamers just unveiled this new track called 'My Little Match' on Stereogum. The indie pop trio is building up momentum towards the release of their debut LP, "This Album Does Not Exist," set to drop on November 18, 2014.

August 27, 2014

Maggie Rogers is a quirky 20-something who considers her songs to be creatures and her banjo to be a trusty sidekick. Fueled by movement and loss, Maggie’s music seems to have grown up alongside her, each album more intricate and more sophisticated than the last. Perhaps the Maggie who self-released her debut “The Echo” back in 2012 was less acquainted with heartbreak, the art of profanity, and the “blood ballet” that relationships can often be. However, we’re happy for the life and for the learning between her first record and her latest— ‘Blood Ballet’ is a near-perfect articulation of full-bodied pain, and that pain makes for some lovely sounds. Read on to hear what the folk singer has to say about her inspirations, her experiences, and her latest release.

LINK: Jillian Dooley's interview with Maggie Rogers

Maggie Rogers music is included in The Deli's playlist of Best Rootsy songs by emerging NYC artists - check it out!

August 27, 2014

We've been obsessed with avant-indie duo Buke and Gase since we first saw them live at tiny Ditmas Park venue Sycamore back in 2008.  We instantly decided to put them on the cover of the then upcoming issue of The Deli NYC - and recommended the band to take that opportunity to change their name, which at the time was "Buke and Gass" (yeah...). They didn't listen to us, but eventually (2012 circa) proved us right by switching to "Buke and Gase." They are not exactly an emerging band anymore, but they should be considered a model by any up and coming artist for their consistent development of a personal style and powerful live shows.
They just released this new single 'Seam Esteem' (streaming below) and announced a West Coast tour that will bring them to Music Hall of Williamsburg on October 10.

August 27, 2014

High Wasted is not shy at all about their drug use, or it's role in their music. I'll let their own description of the jam, "Acid Tape Vol. 1" do the talking: "We went to Nashville, hung a mic in the room of a haunted house, took acid, and hit record on an old reel to reel.  This is what happened." The result is a psyched out surf rock extravaganza (through the deforming lens of incompetent sound engineering). Ok, the recordings are lo-fi, but the energy is unmistakably vibrant and colorful, and the band has a good live reputation. Most exciting is the show they have coming up this Thursday… because it's on a fucking BOAT! That's right, this Thursday (8/28) you can check out High Wasted and Mainland (who played our ten year anniversary show this year) at sea, equipped with an open bar, face painting and more.  In other Deli news, High Wasted is playing our CMJ show at CBGB's come this fall, so stay tuned for that as well.  Stream The Acid Tape Vol. 1 here and buy tickets to the boat show here.  -Jake Saunders

August 26, 2014

Unlike New Yorkers - who forget they live right by the Ocean - young Floridians seem to have an innate skill of taking the beach with them wherever they go. Boyd Shropshire grew up on a swath of eastern Florida land on the Atlantic known as the "Space Coast" - no wonder his music has psychedelic influences. After playing guitar for some time with Kurt Vile, he moved to Queens in NYC to focus on his solo career. His recent single 'Soon' is as lazy as a (high) day spent at the beach in the dog days of the summer can get. And the single's videos - quite amazingly - manages  to recreate this atmosphere... in the backyard of a Carrol Garden apartment! Check out also the EP "Victory Weather," released in July.

August 26, 2014

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