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"Debut EP ""Kitsuné"" by Puerto Rico/Brooklyn band Buscabulla (Spanish slang for 'troublemaker'), is one of the most beautiful and intriguing records to catch our ears in quite some time. In its four tracks, the band effortlessly blends electro, industrial, world music and dream/pop into a very enjoyable final product. Opening track ""Caer"" alternates gritty guitar loops with liquid synths, while singer Raquel Berrios' voice charms and soothes with minimal pop melodies sung in Spanish, but that seem to bear some kind of Japanese influence. Metelé is a more traditional electronic, atmospheric ballad reminiscent of Air but still dominated by an Eastern sounding melody, while ""Temporal"" - the most experimental track in the EP - blends the clanging of a mechanical loop with what sounds like a synchopated, finger piano sample, while distorted guitars swells drive the song through its tension and release cycles. Final track ""Sono"" - one of the strongest on the record - recycles an idyllic, 60s sounding flute sample and surrounds it with a funky drum pattern and all sorts of distorted and percussive sounds - all very organic sounding - while Raquel indulges in a simple melody that seems inspired by nursery rhymes. Buscabulla's ""Kitsuné,"" with its incredible array of ethnic influences filtered through a Western musical lens, represents as close as it gets how today's NYC music should sound."

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The Deli's Staff

November 18, 2014

Initially formed as a collaboration between Drew Citron and Frankie Rose, Brooklyn’s Beverly - after Rose's friendly departure to focus on her solo career - has now evolved into a four piece touring band. , Even though Frankie’s contributions on the Kanine Records debut “Careers” is substantial, Drew is now moving the band forward with the help of Jamie Ingalls on Drums, Scott Rosenthal on bass, and Caitlin Frame on guitar, synth and the distinctive harmony vocals. The band recently completed an extensive North American tour with The Drums, followed by five appearances at this year's CMJ Festival. The band's music stands out from the pack due to their impactful pop songwriting concealed under big, 90s sounding guitars, also enhanced by their meticulously crafted vocal harmonies. That, combined with dreamy atmospherics and moody lyrical hooks places them firmly in the dreamgaze camp. The band recently released a string of videos from their Kanine debut, check out the latest, "Madora" streaming below, and see them live at Glasslands on December 4 with two other female led Brooklyn bands: Teen and Charly Bliss.

Read The Deli's interview with Beverly by Dave Cromwell.

November 26, 2014

Brooklyn's Hints describe themselves as a "Thatcher-era, guitar-pop band." That's an interesting way to say that they are inspired by the acts that came out of England in the 80s, since the "Baroness" was in charge from 1979 until 1990. They may want to add that they are a "2nd to 3rd term Tatcher era band", because the British post punk of the early 80s erred on the punky side of things rather than the poppy one. The band released three double singles to date, consistently and convincingly inspired to the sound of the goth tinged, post Smiths UK indie-pop of the 80s - those who already like The Sundays (probably Hint's biggest influence) and The Psychedelic Furs should check out bands like House of Love and Loyd Cole and the Commotions for some mostly obscure gems of the era. Hints are scheduled to play Glasslands on December 1st.

November 25, 2014

We told the fasinating story of Brooklyn resident Mishka Shubali in last summer's Ten Year Anniversary Issue of The Deli. The man, who found commercial success as a writer after years spent chasing the rock'n'roll dream with bands like Freshkills and Beat the Devil, has more than one interesting - and often darkly funny - thing to say about his neighborhood of choice and its music scene. He's now coming out with a new album scheduled for a February 2015 release and entitled "Coward's Path," written at the nadir of his musical career: tunes about death and darkness and failure and the cold comfort of oblivion - but without ever losing his fatalist sense of humor: "“With Coward’s Path, well, you’ve drank the bar closed, they’ve kicked everyone else out and pulled the gate down so it’s just the bar staff and their friends. The drugs come out. [...]The party turns weird. The party turns bad. Shit gets totally out of control. And then you have to stumble out into the daylight and confront what you’ve done.”

November 25, 2014

Talking about immigration controversy... The Deli would like to give the guys in Balancer (the ones in the band hailing from Columbia, since the Puerto Rican should be good) permanent residence in NYC for... making real good music? We are sure even the most raci... ahem... obstructionist Tea Partiers will fall in love with the celestial melodies of their latest record "Tipsoo," or at least with this beautiful single entitled "re-minder." And to those concerned about the fact the NYC scene (or any other place in this land) is getting less and less American, The Deli says: "yo, since when is America, American?!?"

We added this song to The Deli's playlist of Best songs by emerging NYC artists - check it out!

November 24, 2014

LAVACHILD is a (mostly) Brooklyn based electronic collaboration between Friends' (the band) collaborator Nikki Shapiro and soulful singer Chantel Marie. Their ethereal single  "Want U To" (streaming) has the sophisticated lightness of an impressionistic painting, enriched by a voice that's beautifully expressive. The result is a sound that carves its own niche of influences in the current alt-soul NYC scene, and that will delight both the fans of Enya and Lauryn Hill. The band - unlike too many studio projects like this - is playing live regularly, you'll get a chance to see them at Pianos on December 2nd.

We added this song to The Deli's playlist of Best mellow songs by emerging NYC artists - check it out!

November 24, 2014

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