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Dolly Spartan
"self-titled EP

I think we can all agree about the fact that age is very important in rock'n'roll; we might not like that (we don't) but we can agree about it, right? Therefore, a good rock song is bound to get some added value when it's written and performed by four musicians in their (not so late) teens. And then, if you also realize that the band has a solid six track debut EP with no fillers under their belt, things start to get really interesting: records without fillers are rare at any age... The band in question is NYC's Dolly Spartan; their self titled debut fluctuates between pop punk exuberance ('We'll say that for now,' streaming below, and ' 'Don't You Know') and more tamed melodic moments reminiscent of a dirtier Vampire Weekend ('Who Are You,') or even of sacred monsters like The Beatles and their beloved disciples XTC ('Something on my Mind'). The band's sound features the right amount of rawness (think early Pixies), which gets tamed at least in part by songwriter and lead singer's Michael Eliran tenor, that sounds way more mature than his years. The range of the six tracks, the actual songwriting, and the maturity of the arrangements is truly impressive for such a young band, and make this is one of the most consistently fun NYC made record we heard in a while. Hopefully these guys' sound won't get too polished too soon!

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Active since 2011, Brooklyn band Double King got some attention in 2014 with the release of the 'Premonition EP,' mostly thanks to vintage sounding ballad 'Battle Cry,' a song we'll add right away to our Best mellow songs by emerging NYC artists. The trio will be celebrating the release of their debut full length 'Night Fades' at Union Pool on May 20th, and you can already preview the record's first single 'Bare Essential' (streaming below), which develops their preference for slower tempos and mellow atmoshperes in a more soulful and groovy direction.

May 06, 2015

With their unpretentious indie pop-rock, Miniboone has been one of the most fun band in the NYC scene for quite some time (they formed in 2008). The quartet just released a new album entitled "Bad Sports," and today unveiled this video (directed by ex Deli contributor Bryan Bruchman) for single "Wake Up Factory Bouquet," which brings to mind Elvis Costello's elegant vintage melodies. The band today inaugurates what looks like a "Mid East US tour" spanning from Illinois to North Carolina and a few states in between - no NYC dates announced.

May 06, 2015

To describe their music, Brooklyn based quintet Imaginary People coined the term "Dance Americana," but their noteworthy new single "Summerstock" (from their upcoming debut album 'Dead Letterbox') blends a variety of other sonic ingredients in its very well produced three and a half minutes: for example, we hear garage rock influences in the guitars and heavy rockabilly overtones throughout the song. But it's lead singer Dylan Von Wagner who steals the scene, with a vocal delivery full of character and confidence that would make Elvis Presley proud. The guy's presence, already rock solid in the audio realm, gets an exponential boost from the song's video (streaming below), entirely centered around his antics. If all this translates as well on a live stage, these guys should have some fun times ahead. We can all find out at Rockwood Music Hall on May 11.

May 06, 2015

Atlanta born, Brooklyn-based producer Time Wharp announced today the release, scheduled for June 9, of an 8 track debut album on buzzy local electronic label Astro Nautico, home to notable acts like The Range (Domino) and RAJA (Ghostly), as well as up-and-comers like Dreams, Dane Chadwick, and Photay. For this occasion it unveiled this groovy FaltyLD remix of single "Cole Dub." Expect a record that "melds New York house, ambient meditations, celestial synergies and smooth synth waves."

May 06, 2015

Hailed by many as "The New Strokes," the guys in NYC's Public Access TV look so young, they were probably toddlers when 'Is This It' came out. However, the only really important thing here is that they can write catchy pop and deliver it with flair. The quartet, after losing home and gear to the recent fire in the East Village, is releasing today this new, vaguely Jesus & Mary Chain-ish single "All We Want" (streaming) from their upcoming, self titled EP on Terrible records, days before leaving for a US tour with Palma Violets. The NYC stop will be at Music Hall of Williamsburg on May 20.

May 05, 2015

In their Facebook timeline, Brooklyn's dream rockers Whitewash wonder: "...not even quite sure how we started getting all these ridiculously large gigs but hey I'm not complaining." As a matter of fact the band has a rather busy May with shows at Brooklyn Bazar on the 8th, Aviv on the 14th, and Baby's All Right on the 16th (a Saturday). On their bandcamp profile we find a very mellow acoustic single dated 2013, and 2014 EP "Fraud in Lisbon," which, although lacking a little in the production department (it sounds self-produced), showcases a band with promising songwriting chops. Recent singles "Tentacle" - streaming below - and "Member" show us a more solid sounding band with a sound that can appeal to lovers of Real Estate's chilled pop and Pavement's slacker aesthetics.

May 05, 2015

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