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The Great Void
"Shift Age

If you're one of the few not plagued by thoughts of mortality and burdened by self-reflection, consider yourself lucky. If you're a brooder, however, then Shift Age, by NYC dark electro-rock project The Great Void, might be the record for you. It bears all the outwards signs of happy pop music, though the longer you listen, the more surreal it gets. Especially vivid is “Medicine Ball,” whose plunky synths and new-wave vocals divert bleakly-rendered lines like, “I know we'd have fun/But you're much too young.” By “Shift Age (Part 2),” it's clear the gloss is just a cover for deconstructing nostalgia itself. “Out with the days of the old ways” sings leader Josh Ascalon before a barrage of high-pitched squeals surge towards an apocalyptic finale. Or maybe that's just the hardware inside his keyboard threatening to fry out? - Brian Chidester

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scene blog
January 19, 2016

Sean McMahon, lead singer and guitarist of local Brooklyn/Boston band Workman Song has unveiled a brand new single with a distinctly different sound from his previous material. Recorded at The Hangar in New Jersey and produced by MGMT's Will Berman, 'O, To Be In Love Again' (streaming) is a fast paced, rhythm driven song, laden with intricate guitar lines and soaring, soulful vocals. Though the song still honors McMahon's penchant for storytelling, it is a far cry from his April 2014 release 'Lamb'. 

Workman Song has recently evolved from a solo folk project into a fully fledged 'art folk rock' band - a label created by McMahon himself. While his previous EP's (specifically Lamb and Ion Zelig Vol. III) are often compared to Cat Stevens, solo Neil Young and Dylan, his new sound sits far more comfortably next to Kurt Vile & The Violators, early War on Drugs, Jefferson Airplane and Springsteen. On Wednesday 02/03 McMahon debuted the new single at Mercury Lounge alongside local songstress Katie Von Schleicher, Lip Talk and Alexander F of Rubblebucket. The set was perfectly executed in front of a packed venue and was just a taste of what is to come in the very near future for Workman Song. With a full length LP in the works as well as a national tour, Workman Song is one to watch. 

February 05, 2016

Dream pop has exploded in the NYC scene in the last decade, and the feeling we have is that the genre is slowly gathering more and more attention (also thanks to artists like Lana Del Rey, not exactly an indie scene dear, but nonetheless responsible for introducing a mellow and uber-dreamy pop sound to many new music fans). Tiny Deaths, who sound nothing like Lana, and whose name is a translation of how French people call sexual peak, is a duo based in Minneapolis and Brooklyn. They released their debut, self titled EP last year, and recently unveiled a new, four track release entitled 'Night Flowers' (two singles streaming below). They seem to specialize in sparse, mostly electronic midtempos highlighting singer Claire de Lune's celestial melodies drenched in otherworldly reverb. Looking forward to see them in NYC - no shows scheduled here at this stage.

We added "Ever" to The Deli's playlist of Best songs by emerging NYC artists - check it out!


February 05, 2016

Now that Brooklyn's Market Hotel is back, we can finally have a clear picture of which local artists in the NYC DIY circuit have the necessary following (or whatever you want to call it) to play a venue that's considerably larger than any other "DIY" venue. We used quotes when referring to DIY because it must be noted that the term has lost most of its original meaning, since most of these places, from Aviv to Palisades, and also Market Hotel, are perfectly legal venues: we guess DIY, today, is all about attitude, all ages shows, DIY decor, and - most imprtantly - about the style of the bands booked, veering from punky to psych to experimental or wildly creative, but never over produced. Maybe they should just rename this the "no frills" Brooklyn scene.

Anyway, not that many bands - besides DIIV (too big for us to cover) - are playing Market Hotel in the next few weeks, but we dig the few ones that are. We blogged quite a lot about Show Me The Body and their insane blend of Post Hardcore, Noise Rock and... Hip Hop maybe? Stuff that won't climb the charts, but that might very well be remembered as what was relevant and new in Brooklyn in the mid '10s - they are playing the Bushwick venue tomorrow February 5th.

We've always been big fans of Lodro, a noir, tense as f**k  trio that will be opening for DIIV's second show on March 3rd.

A band we never covered before, Uniform (pictured), will perform on Saturday February 13th as an opener to SF electro post punkers The Soft Moon. The Brooklyn duo's music also blends electronic sounds (drum machine and droney bass synth) with punky and industrial elements. Definitely a band to see while wearing earplugs and your good old mosh pit shoes on - oh, right you wear those all the time... you are good to go then!


February 04, 2016

Late Cambrian, winners of our Best of NYC Readers/Fans' Poll in 2014, just released a new single entitled 'Yearbook Photo' (streaming), which boasts a sound a lot more electronic than what the duo got us used to. Swirling synth arpeggiators and pads leave little space to electric guitars - the band's 'first love' - underlining a transaction from their early power pop days to a dreamier, more serene and mature electronic sound. This is a band relentlessly at work: they also just released a video for more uptempo single 'Dark Heart (Where Can We Go Now?)' - check it out here.

February 04, 2016

Back in December, New York-via-Oakland singer/songwriter Jennah Bell released her humbly majestic latest effort, ‘Anatomy.’ Subtly remarkable in its deft ability to convey both innocence and experience through a folk/R&B blend, the aptly-titled work shows a musician assuredly burrowing into her innermost sadness. On the country-inflected middle track “John Forbid” (streaming below), for example, the smooth-timbered Bell asks the titular character to just “say something,” compassion for both his and her own imperfections arising from the guitar-swept dust. To celebrate the release of ‘Anatomy,’ Bell will play Rockwood Music Hall Stage 2 on 2/17. – Zach Weg

February 03, 2016

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