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Our regular readers may have noticed that we like to highlight residencies played by local artists in local venues, but admittedly we entirely missed Bonsai's November one at Pete Candy's Store - admittedly, we weren't aware that the lovely east Williamsburg venue actually had residencies! Well, not only they have them, but they also pick good artists for them, since Bonsai's music is an absolute delight. Their self titled debut EP is a delicate and dreamy alt folk gem. Opener "Bonsai Trees" - the most accomplished track on the record, streaming below - shows the trio's interest in revisiting traditional American music in new ways, employing intriguing percussive textures, inventive and appropriate guitar parts, and a production that's edgy without being over the top. Of course, all this wouldn't do much if Simone Stevens' vocals and melodies weren't spot on, confident and compelling. The magic continues with "When it Rains," a more subdued track floating in oozes of reverb and supported by what sounds like an acoustic guitar two-note sample loop. Atmospheric ballad "I fashion you are a dreamer" turns up the melancholy big time with a verse as intense as it gets, only to deliver one of those powerfully uplifting choruses that - unless you are fully corrupted by life - can touch you in deep ways. Upbeat pop number "I Like You Man" and final folky song "Messed Up" fill up the record competently, but without reaching the heights of the first three tracks. This is a small, beautiful record with the power to awaken emotions and make people closer, i.e. exactly what the doctor orders every time a new year begins.

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Those of you who feel nostalgia for the years when NYC's rock was wearing leather jackets and wooing ears with simple melodies full of attitude should check out The Rotaries, a band that not accidentally calls New York home - not Brooklyn. Active since the beginning of the new decade, the trio has a 2012 full length and a few singles under their belt, and is about to release a new EP entitled "On the Outs" - from which we are premiering the title track, streaming below. The EP will be released on March 10 - stay tuned for live show announcements.

March 03, 2015

The early 90’s dreampop/shoegaze movement created a style of music that continues to spawn new bands seemingly on a daily basis. The latest entry into this field is New York’s LADY (featuring Deli contributor JP Basileo among its members), who have recently released a single to their upcoming “Washer EP.” “Creatures of the Night” (streaming) captures and reinterprets the combined noisy-yet-pop sound that Mark Gardener and Loz Colbert so masterfully employed with their iconic band Ride. Adding layers of fuzzy guitars and emphatic snare/cymbal crashes, the band creates dramatic peaks as the song progresses, while the extended guitar solo at the end reminds us why classic shoegazer track “Like A Daydream” was so appealing in the first place. With influential bands of this era like The Jesus & Mary Chain and the aforementioned Ride currently on tour, the niche LADY occupies has never been stronger. - Dave Cromwell

March 03, 2015

With their airy melodies and beautiful vocal harmonies, Jack + Eliza charmed the crap out of NYC in 2014. They are now (not so) secretly planning to accomplish something similar in Austin later in March, during the 6 days of SXSW's Music Week. The duo just released this new single entitled "Diamonds" from their upcoming debut album "Gentle Warnings" (scheduled to be released in June). They have put together quite a team for this record, produced by Chris Zane, but also featuring the touch of Grizzly Bear's Chris Taylor in some tracks like the one we are streaming below.

March 02, 2015

ONWE's odd mix of post-punk and psych-pop makes a fine vehicle for David Welles' vindictive lyrical style. Single "Unpaid Internship"—a mini-hit perpetrated by blogs in summer 2014—mocked the dubious self-confidence of Brooklyn hipsters. I suppose they had it coming... ONWE released a new 8 track album entitled "Hyperbole" this past January, and will tour their way to Austin for SXSW in March. Check out single FOMO, streaming below.

March 02, 2015

Chrome Sparks is the moniker of classical percussionist turned synth-and-sample master Jeremy Malvin. Malvin started his career in Ann Arbor, MI and has since toured extensively, drumming for bands such as Miniature Tigers and playing festivals under Chrome Sparks; he now resides in Brooklyn, where he produces lavish and intricately textured soundscapes. More than being good to dance to, Malvin’s soundscapes encourage synesthesia — the beats and fabrics are so clear and tactile it is difficult not to experience sights or even tastes. Every song is a self-sufficient habitat. In 2014 Chrome Sparks released an EP entitled Goddess, toured North America and Australia, and kept a new years resolution to eat lunch with a different person every day of the year. The ambitious lunch project is all documented here. Chrome Sparks’ next NYC show will be on April 3rd at Webster Hall.

February 27, 2015

Catchy magazine headlines and conversations overheard on the train might lead you to suspect a mass exodus out of NYC, but recently Brooklyn snagged Mackenzie Scott of the songwriting project Torres away from Nashville. For many artists, nostalgia is an easy route, but Torres’ songs rarely allow that kind of distance — there is something dangerous and she’s touching it now, she has a fresh cut and she’s washing it now. Scott will sing a statement with grace and tolerance but repeat the line until it drives her mad enough to shriek it. Torres primarily utilizes guitar and drums with influences of folk, country, and punk, but Scott’s voice is the power capital. In the past Torres has toured with Lady Lamb The Beekeeper, worked with Sharon Van Etten and War on Drugs, released two albums. She recently headlined at Brooklyn Night Bazaar and Bowery Ballroom. This May she will embark on a U.S. and European tour. - Leora Mandel

We added this song to The Deli's playlist of Best NYC songs by emerging NYC artists - check it out!

February 27, 2015

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