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Kong, Toy Soldiers and Cheers Elephant Ramble Through The Fire March 13

Kong, Toy Soldiers and Cheers Elephant Ramble Through The Fire March 13

The last time I wrote about TJ Kong and the Atomic Bomb I was musing over drinking, or maybe the act of being drunk. Which is pretty ironic since I don’t remember writing it. I vowed to myself never to write anything about TJ Kong while that drunk again. So here I am, tripping balls and typing vigorously as I watch this prose dissolve and reform into what appears before you (but I’m definitely not drunk). TJ Kong and the Atomic Bomb will be brining their gut-punching blues-folk to The Fire tonight alongside fellow locals Toy Soldiers and Cheers Elephant. Me and this purple flan next to me are super excited to check out the musical time machine that is Toy Soldiers. This eclectic collective utilize any instrument that they can get their hands on to churn out anything from swing, to blues, to folk, to doo-wop and even one particularly invigorating fuck jam in “I Just Want to Make Love to You” (c’mon, no one says that anymore). Lead singer Ron Gallo has an impressive vocal range that allows him to belt with the best of them, and sing with the delicate timbre reminiscent of Devendra Banhart. These guys and gals sound like they are having a hell of a good time playing their music, and I am sure they will get your boots a’tappin’ and your fingers a’snappin’. Along with these bros and broettes will be super British sounding Cheers Elephant (even the name reeks of fish and chips). So step away from the computer and start getting your show on because it is super difficult to type with these damn hooves. Cheerio. The Fire, 412 W. Girard Ave, 9pm, $7, 21+ - Adam G.


Published: March 13, 2010 |

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