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Tutu & The Pirates and DA

Tutu & The Pirates and DA

You have to love what Brooklyn’s Factory 25 is doing to preserve the historical archives of music. This is especially valuable for us in Chicago when they present a project like the DVD they released last Fall, You Weren't There A History of Chicago Punk 1977-1984. The documentary was fascinating and hopefully exposed many of you to a side of Chicago music that you may had not been that familiar with. Two of the bands featured in the documentary were Tutu & The Pirates and DA. Next month (April 17th), Factory 25 will be releasing two albums of music by these bands and in turn exposing a whole new generation of punk fans to their sounds. Tutu & The Pirates, Chicago's first anti-lectual sub-urban insult rock band and perhaps even its first punk band finally gets its due in their first 17-track LP compilation of demos (from '77/'78), practice tapes and live material (from '78). They quickly became the go-to opening band when acts like The Ramones and The Pretenders came to town. DA came along a few years later and played a part in Chicago’s post-punk scene. The label will be re-releasing DA’s album “Exclamation Point”. If you preorder this album you will get the Original Pressing of the "Dark Rooms" 7”.

These are both exciting releases for punk rock fans, music historians, and Chicago music in general.

Published: March 15, 2010 |

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