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NYC artists on the rise: Uninhabitable Mansions

NYC artists on the rise: Uninhabitable Mansions

Why the hell haven’t we heard more about Uninhabitable Mansions? This collective is doing what so many of us wish we could: jamming out with friends, pressing little, under-the-radar records, publishing books and doing all kinds of crafty-crafts. It’s one of those indeterminate-number-of-members bands, pumping out exuberant, eclectic rock – Earlier recordings of The Most Serene Republic might be the closest parable. The drums drive a lot of the tracks, with fluttering or towering guitars and a chorus of voices. There’s a ton of variety going on; maybe it’s the fact the band shares members with Clap Your Hands Say Yeah!, Au Revoir Simone, Radical Dads, and Dirty on Purpose, to name a few. “We Already Know” is a total jam, with deft vocals and propulsive drums. They’re unsigned, but it doesn’t matter – they just put out a full length, “Nature is a Taker,” and you can buy it online right now, along with a bevy of the collective’s gear. - DWE

Published: May 26, 2010 |

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