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NYC Artists on the rise: Baby Alpaca, live at Pianos, June 10

NYC Artists on the rise: Baby Alpaca, live at Pianos, June 10

Baby Alpaca arrive as yet-another Brooklyn based band attempting to make some kind of mark on the musical landscape. They are introduced by way of their first single “Vodka Lemonade.” “Let’s live our Marilyn dreams and dance away,” and “waste away in the sun,” is how the lyrics go. The vocals are deep and reverbed and the overall feel is lazy, lolling, relaxed and hazy. Musically, there is a 1950’s feel present, but by way of David Lynch’s filter. It is post punk, psychedelic, folk and a crooner feel to it as well. Like a male Nicole Atkins who’s chosen to sit on the sidelines and watch the world drift by in front of them. “This was our dream but it didn’t mean a thing ‘cause now you’re gone” is the cause to become “sunken in the vodka lemonade.” Heartbreak can do that to you. “Let’s live our heroin dreams, dance with coke fiends.” It’s like a gothic reply to MGMT’s “Time To Pretend.” “True Heart” continues the slow crooning aspects and again one wouldn’t be off base thinking of Ms. Atkins and the more eerily side of her catalogue (“Neptune City” “The Way It Is”). Vocalist Chris Kittrell modifies this style somewhat on “Driving To See You” which wouldn’t be out of place on, say a Cowboy Junkies album. The instrumental accompaniment is understated and sparse. Mostly consisting of a tambourine, single drum thump, mysterious organ line and a zither-like device. It all adds up to something quite unique. - Dave Cromwell

Published: June 09, 2010 |

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