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Best of NYC #27 + Weekly Feature #209a: Asa Ransom release 12"

Best of NYC #27 + Weekly Feature #209a: Asa Ransom release 12"

To understand and fully appreciate Brooklyn’s Asa Ransom (pronounced ay-sah ran(t)-səm), attendance at one of their shows is mandatory. Their intense, whimsical energy practically throbs off their recorded EPs, but it is only fully realized and witnessed at their live performances. The band is tight, the crowd is wild for the dance-prone music and good times are bound to ensue.  
Asa Ransom dreams up songs that have transformative properties. Though some of their influences are Western-based such as the Talking Heads and Velvet Underground, they have clear world music inflections. They lure listeners in with the hypnotic, snake-charming intro to “Two Invitations” and keep them at bay with the polyrhythmic, African-influenced percussion over distinct, spirited guitar, tickling keys and walloping bass. To get a taste of their wildly vivacious music, their latest offerings, the five-song “Gold” EP, and the 12" The Luck of Stoney Bowes" can be streamed here. - Read Nancy Chow's interview with the band here.

Published: June 30, 2010 |

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