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NYC Artists on the Rise: The Jaguar Club, live at Glasslands, 07.17

NYC Artists on the Rise: The Jaguar Club, live at Glasslands, 07.17

I dig The Jaguar Club. I dig how Will Popadic’s voice trembles with fervor. His voice is like a new breed of Ian Curtis, passionate and mature. I still can’t get over “Out of the City,” from their album "And We Wake Up Slowly". which I listened to over 20 times today.. Popadic’s yummy voice mixed with the surf-esque guitar sounds (they definitely have a Beach Boys quality about them) featured in their most recent album is equally delightful. Hearing it is like receiving a first kiss. It creates excitement and evokes a hyper nature that only the truly musically talented are capable of creating in a 4-minute song. - CS

Published: July 01, 2010 |

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