Results as of July 25, 2014, 9:03 pm    
Which of these acts should be The Deli's next NYC Artist of the Month?
Total: 310 votes
  5%   16 votes
  41%   130 votes
  1%   5 votes
  13%   42 votes
 Evil Arrows
  13%   41 votes
 The Gradients
  17%   55 votes
 The New Tarot
  0%   0 votes
 Walrus Ghost
  6%   21 votes

This poll will end on August 1, 2014

Insulting other bands in the poll is very uncool - and will jinx your chances of rock stardom.

P.S. Cheaters are Losers!

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Altopalo is awesome

posted by: Rutherford Thurvingsgood IV
(07/24/2014 01:21 pm EST)

that is all

Altopalo Altopalo Altopalo

posted by: Altopalo fan #100,000,001
(07/24/2014 03:03 pm EST)

i am a fan

evil arrows

posted by: Kirk Cameron Loughlin
(07/24/2014 06:17 pm EST)

all the way.

evil arrows

posted by: Luis
(07/24/2014 06:28 pm EST)

rock them mr. pres


posted by: Music lover
(07/24/2014 10:45 pm EST)

altopalo is amazing ..


posted by: Booce
(07/25/2014 09:24 am EST)

they are the best musicians i have ever known

Evil Arrows

posted by: Herb
(07/25/2014 12:43 pm EST)

fantastic sound & shows


posted by: Francesca
(07/25/2014 02:41 pm EST)

altopalo is absolutely amazing and puts on a great show. yay .. ..


posted by: gowanusskinnydipper6969
(07/25/2014 02:57 pm EST)

they know


posted by: alfed dollop
(07/25/2014 03:10 pm EST)

i lake em

Evil Arrows ..

posted by: Ben
(07/25/2014 05:10 pm EST)

bryan scary is literally a genius. have you heard him play piano .. ..

Alto palto - watto

posted by: Watto
(07/25/2014 05:59 pm EST)

their jedi mind tricks work on me

Walrus Ghost

posted by: Sandy Powell-Stevens
(07/25/2014 07:12 pm EST)

amazing .. and amazing


posted by: marg
(07/25/2014 08:28 pm EST)

hands down

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