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Deli Magazine




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The Deli is the only publication in the world covering emerging artists in their local scene. We are a glossy, full color, quarterly print magazine, website, event organizer, social media community, and more, with a combined readership of over 250k people.

We Foster Emerging Musicians and Artists

Like the artists and bands it covers, supports and highlights, The Deli is an independently owned website and print publication.

Active since 2004, The Deli has built a solid reputation through a relentless and competent coverage of the most exciting emerging artists belonging to an ever expanding number of local communities of musicians.

Artist Networking and Audio Equipment

The Deli supports budding artists not only by giving exposure to many of them, but also by creating networking opportunities and advice related content. Our ever growing charts, organizable by genre and region, are the most thorough internet database to gather in one web page groups of like-minded artists from each scene, and are used for networking purposes by bands, fans and promoters. Our pro audio print and web sections guide musicians through the most cutting edge creative products for making music (see the paragraph towards the end of the document entitled "Audio Equipment + Recording" for more about this).


The Deli's biggest strength is Brooklyn, the NYC borough which hosts the biggest community of musicians in the US. We've been covering this scene since 2004 with a magazine and a blog exclusively focused on the most deserving emerging local artists. (The Deli is the only site doing this). The NYC area is providing 30-35k unique readers per month.

Outside NYC - from LA to Austin

Since 2006 The Deli has expanded its online presence to 10 other music scenes, and it's now the #1 website focused on the US local communities of musicians - see our recent stats on the right, compared to other competing web sites.

Our passionate, locally based writers cover now a total of 11 music scenes throughout the US (including NYC, LA, SF, Philly, Chicago, Austin and Washington DC - full list here) with daily blogs, artist of the month polls, DIY live listings and user generated popularity charts (you can see an example on the far right column).

3 Printed Publications: NYC, LA, SXSW

Our 2 printed publications focused on the NYC and the SXSW music festival, feature cutting edge content that cannot be found in any other music magazine. The Deli informs its readers about new and exciting bands, live shows, venues, music personalities, recording studios, and audio equipment.

----- WEB AD RATES -----

If you would like detailed information about our convenient packages including web, print and email newsletter ads please email us here. We have special discounted packages for unsigned artists, small lables and recording studios.

These are our web rates:

SPECS (in px)
Top Banner
55k/mo. impressions guaranteed
Side Box
55k/mo. impressions guaranteed
75k/mo. impressions guaranteed
from $55/week
see here
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22k/mo. impressions guaranteed
Side Box
22k/mo. impressions guaranteed
28k/mo. impressions guaranteed
from $30/week
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You can also advertise in The Deli through blogads without contacting us (use these links: All Cities, NYC only).

The Deli is proud member of the following blogads hives:

Trendsetter Blogad Network
NYC Blogs Blogad Network


Traffic: 65-100k Unique visitors per month

The Deli's website gets 2k-4k daily unique visitors, for a total of 65-100k uniques per month.

The chart below - although underestimating traffic - shows how our site fares against other ones with similar content according to Compete.com.




----- PRINT AD INFO -----

Printed ads are extremely affordable, and start at $145 for a 1/4 page BW  and go up to $1500 for a glossy color full page in our NYC or SXSW mags. Please contact us here if interested in any deals.


The NYC Deli is a free quarterly magazine distributed locally with a current press run of 8,000 copies per issue. The SXSW version have a circulation of 10,000 copies per issue.


The Deli can be found throughout the year at selected musical venues, rehearsal studios, recording studios, bars and cafes, record stores, musical instrument shops, college campuses, and alternative clothing stores.

----- USEFUL LINKS -----

Print Issues pdf files

- NYC issue 27 (Summer 2011 - 60 mb)
SXSW issue (Spring 2011 - 50mb)
Latest Issues

Pro Audio Pages Examples (Kitchen Section)
charts + blurbs
review section

Delicious Audio Recording Interivews with Artists
Hank & Cupcakes

The Deli's Best of NYC Festival One Sheet
The Deli's CMJ Shows 2011

Audio Equipment + Recording Advice

Our printed "Kitchen" section and sister sites Delicious Audio and SonicScoop.com offer invaluable advice on many aspects of the music business, from home and studio recording to managing a band. Many top notch NYC producers and sound engineers share In these pages their knowledge and experience with the Deli's readers.

----- DEMOGRAPHICS -----

Who reads The Deli?

Musicians, music fans, record industry professionals (producers, promoters, A&R people etc.) The Deli also reaches 300 college radio stations all over the United States through the AAM radio promotion service.


If the graphs below don't show up
please see HERE.

Age: Young Adults

: 74% earns more than 30k/yr

Education Level: College Grads


For Advertising Inquiries Please Email Us Here.